Creating Statement Rules
  • 01 Sep 2022
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Creating Statement Rules

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A Statement Rule is the most commonly used Rule type. This Rule uses input data and pre-defined conditions based on the data type to form logistical statements that evaluate either as True or False. The Rule can be organized and rearranged based on the business need. 


  1. Create a Rule and define the inputs. This example uses Email (String) and Cost (Decimal).
  2. Select Add, then select Add Either/Or Group to add an Either/Or block onto the Rule.
  3. Once the Either/Or statement block has been created, click Add and define conditions for each section.
  4. Once the conditions have been defined, right-click Or. This will open an action menu with the following actions: Add Condition, Delete, Add Either/Or Group, Move up.
    Add ConditionAdds an "and" condition
    DeleteDeletes the selected condition
    Add Either/Or GroupWill add another Either/Or condition
    Move Up or Move DownProvides flexibility in organizing the Rule by moving conditions up or down

  5. An action menu will appear. Selecting Move Up when over the Or text will move its condition up a position.

For further information on Rules, visit the Decisions Forum.

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