Running a Flow from a URL

Last Updated: 06/07/2018 Introduced in Version: 2.0

It is possible to run a flow, either as a service or by showing forms and Decisions user interface in a web browser, just by accessing its URL. This URL can be used to allow execution of the workflow from a browser or as a service.

This document illustrates how to use Integration Details for a flow in Decisions. Integration Details page contains information on different ways to integrate with selected entity. In our example, we will look at generating a URL to run a flow, either as a service or by rendering UI, using a URL inside a web browser.

First, we are going to take a look at the Integration Details for a workflow.  Right click any flow and navigate to Run[Advanced] > Integration > View Integration Details. This will bring up the Integration Details page for your workflow. This page will build a URL for us based on our settings.


A series of options will be shown to configure the URL you are generating.

Run As: Choose to create a URL to call the flow as a REST service, or to have any UI/Forms show in a web browser.

Credential: option to choose user authentication type.

Refer Flow By: URL to use either Folder Id, Path, or Alias to the Flow.

Rest Data: This option is only shown if you selected Run As: Service, and will return the results of a flow in the selected format.

Display Settings: This option is only showing if you select “UI/Form”. Here, you can set some display choices for how the UI will be shown in the browser, such as centering the form on the page or making it fill the entire browser.

When we are finished with all settings we can click Generate UI Code button.


Finally, because our Flow may have Forms and a User Interface, we are able to Run Flow As UI/Form. With this option System generates us a URL link to run the Flow.

You can copy this URL into any web browser to run the workflow.


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