Running a Flow On a Schedule
  • Updated on 05 Mar 2019
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Running a Flow On a Schedule

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Some flows should capture or transform data on a regular basis. Your application may require that flows run on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly schedule. The Job Schedule dialog steps you through the process, and allows you to set the schedule for almost any interval and frequency. 
The flow must have already been created to schedule it.
Access the Job Schedule dialog by navigating to the folder System > Jobs And Events > Scheduled Jobs and clicking theAdd Schedule Job button.


In the example, we will schedule a flow to run immediately on a Time Span schedule.
Begin by navigating to the folder System > Jobs And Events > Scheduled Jobs and clicking the Add Schedule Job button.


The Schedule Job dialog opens. The dialog allows you to schedule many types of jobs, including an Active Directory Sync job, an Email job, or a URL job.


On the Flow Job Information step, in the Flow drop-down list, navigate to the folder containing the flow to schedule, then select the flow and click Next .


Under Schedule Configuration, in the Calendar drop-down dialog, we select the Time Span Schedule option.

A Time Span schedule sets a job to run regularly, with the interval we define between each instance.


On the TimeSpanSchedule Information step, we select Immediately in the Runwhen drop-down list.
To set the time span between each job, we can use the slider control or we can enter a value in the Seconds , Minutes . HoursDays .
We use the Minutes slider to move the interval to two minutes.


Then, click OK .


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