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This example will demonstrate how to use a Flow Run Part on a page. The Flow Run Part is a step that uploads information displays the information from the form and will run the flow with that form each time it is opened. 

Start with creating a flow Execution Extension and Process Folders. See attached links for more information on creating Flow Execution Extensions and Process Folders.

1. Create a Flow 

Create a Flow, set the Flow behavior to User Action Flow [Folder Aware], located in the properties tab under settings.


Fetch by Process Folder ID

After the flow behavior is set to User Action Flow, Add flow steps. In the Steps Tab locate [Fetch By Process Folder ID ], choose, Integrations>User Definded Types> [User Defined Type] and then choose Fetch By Process Folder ID. Drag and drop step into Designer Studio.


Create a Form

Inside the flow create a form.  In the Steps Tab locate Show Form, choose Forms [Interaction], select Pick or Create Form, drag and drop step into Designer Studio. Select Pick or Create Form Step to create a form.


Send Email Step

In the Steps Tab locate the Send Email Step, drag and drop step into Designer Studio. 


After the Flow is assembled connect the pathways from the start step to the Fetch by Process Folder ID to the Form to the Send Email Step and last connect the Send Email to the End Step. 





2. Create a Page in Configuration Folder

Navigate to the designer folders and select the Flow Execution Extension’s Configuration Folder (which will have a similar name to the data type) and select Legacy Create Report/Page to create a page that lives inside of the Configuration Folder.


First, add a Flow Run Part from the page elements tab. Drag and Drop the component onto the page designer. 


Under Common, Properties pick the flow that will be displayed on the page. 


Name the Flow Run Part, then save and exit the page designer. Add any elements that you would like to use on your page. In this example, a Pie chart, element, and a Report Viewer is used as well a Flow Run Part.


Save the page designer and navigate to the Designer Folders


This completes the Flow Run Part example. For more information on creating a page please see attached link.


Creating Your First Page


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