Report Viewer Control
  • 31 Aug 2023
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Report Viewer Control

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The Report Viewer control serves as a comprehensive tool for visualizing Reports within a Page. It encompasses a wide array of settings available both during the design phase and when the Page is actively running. To access this functionality, navigate to the Reports category, where the control is located.

Design Time Settings

Report Setup

SettingDefault ValueDescription
Pick or Create Default Report---Sets the default report to be displayed by the report viewer
Get Report Id from Selection BusFalseRetrieves a Report ID, which can be used to display a Report
Default Folder---Determines the default folder that houses the Reports.


SettingDefault ValueDescription
Initially VisibleTrueSets if the Report Viewer control is visible when loading the page
Initially EnabledTrueDetermines if the Report Viewer can be interacted with
Navigate ActionPortal NavigationDetermines what occurs when a row on the Report Viewer is clicked
Pick or Create Selected Row Flow---Starts a Flow that runs when a Row item is selected

Filter Actions------

By CategoriesFalseFilters actions by categories

By NamesFalseFilters actions by name

Start in Multi Select ModeFalseDisplays the Report in Multi Select Mode

Reset Selection on RefreshFalseResets the selected Row on refresh

Column Filtering------

EnabledFalseAllows filtering  based on the column


EnabledTrueEnables grouping Rows in a Report

Show Group Field NameDefaultDrop down list which determines whether the Group Field Name will be displayed.

Collapse on LoadFalseCollapses Grouped row items on load

Show Group Collapse/Expand asButtonDetermines if a button can be used to collapse/expand grouped rows


Use PagingUse Designer SettingsDetermines if paging will be used by the Report. 

Excel Default Template---Determines the default Excel template used when exporting the Report
Refresh---Settings that control if the displayed Report will be refreshed

Show Default Report ListFalseDisplays a list of default reports used by the Report Viewer

Get Parameters From PageTrueDetermines if the Report Viewer can retrieve parameters from the Page.

Show loading indicatorTrueDisplays the loading indicator text when Reports are being loaded

Auto Select First RowTrueAuto selects the first Row on the Report.

Loading indicator textLoading...String, which is displayed when the Report is loading

Hide No Action MenuFalseSetting which toggles whether to display the No Action Menu

No Data MessageNo data to displayString which is shown when the selected Report has no data to display


Show Grouping OptionTrueDisplays what group each Row belongs to, if it is grouped

Show Only ValueFalseDisplays only the grouped values


SettingDefault ValueDescription
View Mode---Determines the views available for a Report in the Report Viewer
Default ViewUse Designer SettingsSets the default view of a Report used by the Report Viewer
Data Drill ViewDataDetermines how the Data Drill View will be displayed as
View to PrintCurrent ViewControls which view will be shown when the Report is being printed
Hide HeaderFalseHides the Report Viewer Header
Show Header As ToolbarUse Designer SettingsDisplays the Report Viewer Header as a Toolbar
Override Drill Down Dialog TitleFalseAllows the Drill Down Dialog Title to be overridden
Override Drill Down Report TitleFalseAllows the Drill Down Report Title to be overridden
Control Css Class---Determines the CSS class which will affect the Report Viewer control
No Data Message Css Class---Sets the CSS class, which affects the No Data Message text.

Calendar View

SettingDefault ValueDescription
Calendar View Modes---Controls which Calendar Views will be available to be used by the Report Viewer
Default View Mode---Determines which Calendar View will be displayed as default by the Report Viewer
Navigation Bar VisibleTrueControls whether the navigation bar is visible
Time Interval60Displays events tied to specific time intervals
Navigation Bar DisplayBottomDetermines where the navigation bar will be displayed by the Report
Working Schedule------

Start Time9Displays events on or after the specified start time for the day.

End Time18Displays events before or on the specified end time for the day

Days Of Week---Limits events to only display on the selected days


SettingDefault ValueDescription
Turn Off Drill DownFalseDisables Drill Down View for the Report
Show Add/Remove Chart AsButtonAllows charts to be added/removed from the Report Viewer


SettingDefault ValueDescription
Can Add ColumnsUse Designer SettingsDetermines if additional columns can be added to the Report.
Show Group Actions ButtonShow Group Actions ButtonToggles, whether a button to display Group actions is available
Always Show Action On RowAlways Show Action On RowDetermines if Actions will appear when a Row is selected
Allow Settings PersistenceFor current folderDetermines if Report settings will persist between page loads
Remember SelectionFalseDetermines if the selected Row will still be selected on page load
Notification GroupSelectionBusControls what values to pull from the selection bus
Hide Column HeaderFalseControls whether column headers will be hidden
Allow Adjusting of Column PropertiesFalseDetermines if column properties can be adjusted when viewing the Report
Grid StyleDefaultSets the Grid style used by the Report Viewer
Grid Settings TypeDefaultDetermines the Grid Setting used by the Report Viewer
Show Runtime Editable Filters as Column FiltersFalseControls whether Runtime Editable Filters will be displayed as Column Filters


SettingsDefault ValueDescription
Show Report SelectionTrueDetermines if the current Report Shown is selected in the header for the Report Viewer.
Selection Folders---Controls what folders are available to pull Reports from
Save Report SelectionFor current folderSaves the current selected Report for the Folder
Show SnapshotsNoDisplays Snapshots taken for a Report
Show Refresh AsButtonDetermines if the refresh button will appear on the header for the Report Viewer
Show Export AsButtonDetermines if the Export action will appear in the header for the Report Viewer
Show Favorites AsButtonDetermines if the Favorites action will appear in the header for the Report Viewer
Show Edit Filters AsButtonDetermines if the Edit Filters action will appear in the header for the Report Viewer
Show Save Report AsButtonDetermines if the Save Report action will appear in the header for the Report Viewer 
Allow Edit Report Button in HeaderUse Designer SettingsDetermines if the Edit Report action will appear in the header for the Report Viewer

Show SearchTrueDetermines if the Show Search button appears in the header for the Report Viewer

Layout View

SettingDefault ValueDescription
Allow Group CollapsingFalseControls whether grouped rows in Layout View can be collapsed
Show Action BarFalseControls whether the Action Bar will be displayed when displaying a Report using Layout View


SettingDefault ValueDescription
Column Size ModeAuto SizeControls the column size used for displaying a Matrix View Report in the Report Viewer.
Row Size ModeAuto SizeControls the row size used for displaying a Matrix View Report in the Report Viewer.
Items Across Intersection1Controls how many items will appear in the intersections for the Matrix View. By default, this value is 1
Limit Rows and ColumnsUse Designer SettingsControls how many Rows and Columns that will be displayed in the Report Viewer


SettingDefault ValueDescription
Width200Determines the width of the Page when using the Preview action
Height100Determines the height of the Page when using the Preview action
Specify Percentage ValueFalseDetermines if percentage values will be used instead of specifying the width and height when using the Preview action
Show ActionsTrueDetermines if Actions will appear  when using the Preview action

Rich Text

SettingDefault ValueDescription
Columns1Determines how many columns will be displayed when using a Rich Text View of a Report
Show Action BarFalseDetermines whether the Action Bar will appear for a Rich Text View of a Report
Row Left Click Action TypeShow ActionsSets the behavior when left-clicking a row
Row Right Click Action TypeUse DefaultSets the behavior when right-clicking a Row

Text List

SettingDefault ValueDescription
Always Show Action On RowTrueDetermines whether or not actions will appear for a row for a Text List View of a Report


SettingDefault ValueDescription
Help Message Key---Sets the Help Message Key used by the Report Viewer
Pick Help Message KeyFalseAllows preconfigured message keys to be used


SettingDefault ValueDescription
Part TypeBaseContentControls how the Report Viewer will be displayed on the Page
Use Custom TitleFalseAllows a custom title to be set for the Report 

Run Time Actions

The runtime view of the Report Viewer control offers a range of actions for enhanced management of reports. These actions encompass filtering, searching, saving, exporting, and editing functionalities; each action is listed in the table below. 

Additionally, within the Report Viewer, a variety of filtering options are available. Users can effectively group, sort, and manipulate data using the Report Designer configurations and additional runtime methods. This dynamic configuration capability empowers users to perform data filtration on the fly without the necessity of accessing the Report via the Report Designer.

Reset Report
Restore the Report to its default configuration, eliminating any custom filters or groups that were added to the Report during runtime.
Download/Send Report
Any Report has the option to be downloaded as either an Excel or PDF file. Every default Page view is comprised of a Report, meaning that when the user selects a Designer Folder and it defaults to the LIST Page, the Designer View is a Report of the objects in the Folder.
Save Report Definition
Save the Report in its modified state during runtime, which includes any changes such as rearranging columns or adjusting grouping. There are multiple ways to save the Report using this feature:
  • Override Current Definition: This option replaces the existing Report with the modified version, effectively updating the original Report.
  • Save As (shared): A fresh copy of the modified Report is saved in the same Folder as the original Report, making it available to others who have access to that Folder.
  • Save As (My Copy): Creates a new copy of the altered Report and saves it in the My Documents Folder of the current user, providing a personalized version for individual use.
Edit Report
Opens the Report in the Report Designer, allowing modifications to the original version of the Report.

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