Enabling a Guest Account

Last Updated: 01/16/2019 Introduced in Version: 2.0

A Guest account is an optional user account that can be used to get non-portal users, such as an outside vendor for example, to engage in a flow. The guest account user is enabled under System > Settings > Portal Settings, by checking the Enable Guest Account checkbox found under Portal Settings. When the Guest account is active, you will see a GUEST user in the user’s list and forms will have the “Assign to Guest” option available for doing assignment.

To use a guest account it has to be activated, enabled and then given portal access. 
  1. Right click account > manage > Activate Guest Account
  2. Edit account and check Can use portal
  3. In portal settings, check Enable Guest Account
To activate the account navigate to account > manage > Activate Guest Account.
To give the Guest account portal access, go to Security> Accounts. Select the guest account and choose Edit. Within the Edit Entity dialog, select Is Active, Is Confirmed, and Can Use Portal.
To enable the Guest account, go to System > Settings > Portal Settings.
Under Portal Settings, check the Enable Guest Account checkbox.

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