Configuring User Account to Receive SMS Text Messaging
  • Updated on 05 Mar 2019
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Configuring User Account to Receive SMS Text Messaging

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The system sends notifications in the form of email, popup message within the portal, SMS text, Twitter, or a custom method. If a user would like to receive notifications via SMS then, the user's phone information must be set up within the user's account and configured properly.

The general set up to enable SMS notifications is as follows:

  1. Add SMS carrier under System > Administration > Notifications > SMS Carriers .

  2. Configure user accounts to receive SMS text messaging.

  3. Configure the notification itself to deliver via text, either under System > Administration > Notifications > Default Notifications , or within a flow using a notification, within the notification step itself.


Once the carrier is set up you need to set up phone information for the intended recipient. In this example, we will set up a user to receive text messaging.

UnderSystem > Security > Accounts , click on the user account and select Edit Account .


Under Phone Details click Add New .


Configure the following under Phone Information :

  • Phone number - Full phone number for the user.

  • Type of phone - Options are Mobile, Office, Home, Fax, Other, Pager, and IpPhone.

  • Preferred Voice Contact - Enable this checkbox if this the preferred number for leaving voicemails.

  • Accept SMS - Enable this checkbox if the user is to receive SMS text messages.

  • SMS Carrier - Select the appropriate carrier that the user currently uses for text messaging.

  • Has Extension - Enable this checkbox if the phone number has an extension. Enter the extension in the Extension field that appears.

Phone Number , Accept SMS, and the SMS Carrier are required to enable SMS text messaging.


Enter preference, priority, and whether the number is secured under Contact Information and click OK to save.

NOTE: As a test to see if the phone can receive text messaging in general, compose a new email to the phone number and use the carrier's email suffix as the domain. For example, for a Sprint phone, send an email to (with the "6195555555" representing the actual user's phone number). The message should appear as a text on the phone.

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