Setup Forms for Mobile and Tablet Devices
  • Updated on 25 Jul 2014
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Setup Forms for Mobile and Tablet Devices

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A form displays controls that allow a user to perform an action, such as enter data, display a report or folder, or manage entities. You can create a flow that, when run, opens a form.
It is possible to attach a Mobile and a Tablet version to the original version of the form. These forms will run in case that the user is trying to run the flow from a mobile device.
They could be set in the Flow Designer's Tool Box under Form Setup Options .

For this example three forms have been designed.They are similar just differ in size:

Basic Form basic.png{height ="552" width="689"}

Mobile Form

Tablet Form

Begin with Creating New Flow in Designer Folder

Name The Flow and click CREATE to proceed.

Next, we select  Basic Form in the Flow Designer's start-up window from Flows, Rules, Forms and Reports > Forms[Interaction] > [Current Folder] category, click  Add to add it to the flow. Next, connect it to the end step.

Next, we locate Form Setup Options and click on Mobile Form picker...

From the resulting pop-up window we select our Mobile Form and click Pick to save.

Next, do the same for Tablet form... Click on the Tablet Form picker and pick our Tablet Form .

Now, all versions of forms are set...

Two new outcomes from our form in the workspace appeared... Mobile – Done and Tablet – Done ... We connect them to the end step as well...

This completes our Flow. Save and close it.

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