Setting Assignment Escalation Dates
  • Updated on 12 Jun 2013
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Setting Assignment Escalation Dates

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Assignments can have the status changed to "Escalated" by setting the Escalation Date property. To set an assignment's Escalation Date , open the Assignment's entity Action menu and select Manage Assignment > Set Escalate Date . The purpose of escalation is to advance a task to the next level of action. An action could be built using flows that monitor for an Escalated task state.


Our example assignment begins on December 12, 2016. If no action is taken on it, it will remain assigned to us indefinitely. To fix this, we configure it to escalate to the next level if no action is taken by June 7, 2017.
First we will navigate to the folder where the actual Assignment entity resides. In this case, it is our My Home folder task list.
Manage Assignment Actions:

  • Add Notification Handler: Edit who gets notified of state changes on an assignment
  • Edit Assignment Name/Description: Change the name and/or description of the assignment
  • Send Reminder: Send the person tasked a reminder
  • Set Escalation Date: Escalates the task to the next level if it is not completed by the specified date
  • Set Late Date: Changes the state of the assignment to late if it is not completed by the specified date
  • Set Priority: Sets the priority of the task to either Urgent, High, Medium, or Low
  • Set Start Date: Sets the state of the task to Start once this date occurs
  • Set Warn Date: Sets the state of the task to Warn once this date occurs
  • Show Task at Login: Displays the task as a notification once the user logs in


In theSet Escalate Date popup, we will use Date and Time selectors to choose an Escalate Date value of 6/7/17 which, in our current configuration, equates to June 7th, 2017.

When we return to My Home , we can see the assignment's Escalate Date has been set to 6/7/17.

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