Retrieving Entities with the Fetch Entities Flow Step
  • Updated on 09 May 2013
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Retrieving Entities with the Fetch Entities Flow Step

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The Fetch Entities step is a flow step that allows for fetching of any entity within the system, such as folders, native data types, stored database types, and custom data types. The Fetch Entities step is found in the Toolbox under Integration > Entity Framework . The step allows for filtering on any property for the entity. Note that deleted entities are not retrieved.


This example will fetch folders and display them in a folder list on a form.
We begin in the Designer Folder by clicking Create Flow button from the Folder Actions Panel.

Next, Name the Flow and click Create to proceed to the Flow Designer .


In the Flow Designer, expand Integrations > All Integrations > Entity Framework and add Fetch Entities step to the workspace.


Then, from the Forms [Interaction] > [Current Folder] in the Toolbox add a Form that was predesigned for this Flow.  The purpose of this Form is to display fetched Folders with Data Grid component. This Form is designed as following:


Connect steps in the Flow as following:


Then, configure the steps. First, select Fetch Entities step on the work space and navigate to theEntity Fetch Definition configurations. In the Type Name textbox search and select Folder data type.


Next, select the Form step and choose Select Value Mapping Type for the FoldersList input (which is a name for the Data Grid component on the Form ). Then, using Path selector pick EntityResults output from the Fetch Entities step.


Select Fetch Entities step again to configure FolderId input. Select Constant Mapping Type
In the resulting dialog pick the System Folder and select Ok .


This completes the Flow. Select Debug Flow link from the top panel in the Flow Designer to test the Flow.


The Form opens in the Debugger and shows all Folders from the System Folder are displayed on the Data Grid component. Close the Debugger .


Back in the Flow Designer , configure Fetch Entities step to filter fetched entities. In the step configurations, pick field and filter types. First, select folder Type Name as Field 1 .


Then, for the filter type select Equals .
Note that: a new Input for this step appeared. Configure this new input: folderInputType, as Constant with ‘Designer Project’ value.


In the same manner add second filter. This time select createdOnDate field and choose Less Than filter type. Then, configure createdOnDate input for this step.



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