Production Ready Project Check List
  • 12 Oct 2022
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Production Ready Project Check List

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This document will give common project testing suggestions to practice before implementing a project into production.

Check List

Flow Design
Develop Flows in a way that does NOT require undoing something before a Migration.

For example, do NOT add a personal account or a test account directly to an assignment to test an assignment.
If the assignment is to a group, make the test account a member of that group.
  1. All Designer Elements are Associated with the Project.
  2. CSS and E-Mail Templates are Associated with the Project.
  3. Clean Up unused Flows.
  4. Systems Constants are Associated with the Project.
  5. Test Export and Import.
Project Sanity Checks Helpful Links

For additional information on how to add Decisions Elements to Projects, review: Adding Designer Elements To Projects.

External Connections

  1. Is the Prod Server connected to the Repository Server (Only if used)?
  2. Prod Server External Database connections are Tested/confirmed working.
  3. External Web Integrations Tested/confirmed working.
For more information on Integrations, refer to REST Service Integration Overview and External Database Integration.


  1. Database Backups are performed.
  2. Production Decisions Server IP unblocked From the Firewall.
  3. Adequate notice is given to Prod users.
Creating A Backup
For more information on how to back up the decisions database, refer to the Backup Of Decisions Database and File System document


  1. User Accounts Migrated.
  2. Single Sign-On Configured/Tested
  3. Group Permissions Associated with Designer Project
Single Sign-On References
For information on configuring SSO, Refer to:
Single Sign-On With SAML
Setting Up SSO for Azure AD


  1. All necessary Custom Modules copied to C:\\Program Files\Decisions\Decisions Server\CustomModules
  2. All necessary Custom Modules are installed in Decisions.
  3. All necessary Custom Dll's are copied to C:\\Decisions\Decisions Server\modules\Decisions.local\ServiceDlls.
Installing A Module
For more information on installing on module, refer to Installing Modules In Decisions

Environment Settings

  1. Is Time Zone set correctly?
  2. Is Culture set correctly?

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