Create Folder and Project Documentation
  • 05 Aug 2022
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Create Folder and Project Documentation

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The Create Folder Documentation option is available for any Designer Project. This action downloads an HTML document called ProjectReport that contains useful information about the Designer Project, including details like the number of each Designer Element in the folder, a preview of those elements as they would appear in the Designer, step input/output data, and more. 

The Create Project Documentation Folder Action option will appear when Decisions object (.decObj) files are associated with a Project (locally or from a Repository server). This produces and downloads a markup document about that Project file and its included assets. 

Folder Documentation vs. Project Documentation
These reports will be identical when all elements belonging to a Project reside in a single Designer Folder. Alternatively, when designer elements belonging to a Project reside in multiple Designer Folders, Folder Documentation will only include elements within that particular folder, whereas Project Documentation will contain ALL assets belonging to the Project. Deleting associated Project elements may also break a Project and result in Project Documentation errors.

Create Folder or Project Documentation

  1. Right-click a Designer Folder. Select Import/Export and click Create [Folder Name] Folder Documentation.
  2. Once selected, the Folder Documentation file will be downloaded as an HTML file called ProjectReport.html.
  3. Open the file in a web browser. This report will display the Project's health, steps used, inputs, outputs, Data Structures, Rules, Form previews, and more.
    Health Assessments
    To get health assessments of a folder or Repository, see Get Health Assessment or Get Health Assessment for Folder Entities.


The ProjectHealth.HTML file provides insight into a Folder or Project's overall health and evaluates the health of individual elements within the Project. The first section of the HTML file lists all Designer Elements that were evaluated and provides the overall score. The overall score is the average of all individual items.

Each element is evaluated based on categories; reasonings are provided to help improve the element's score and provide best practice concepts for some items.

The final section of the ProjectHealth.HTML file lists all the Designer Elements with their score.

For further information on Administration, visit the Decisions Forum.

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