Email Templates
  • Updated on 29 Nov 2016
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Email Templates

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This tutorial demonstrates how to use and modify Email Templates in Decisions . Email Templates were introduced in Decisions 4.0 . Email Templates are HTML documents that can be composed and used for advanced Email decorations .
In this example we are going to demonstrate how to apply Default Email Template and how to adjust and create newEmail Templates in Decisions .
We begin in the Designer Folder with clickingCreate New Flow on Start Folder View.

Then, we Name the Flow and click Ok to proceed to the Flow Designer.

In the Flow Designer we add Send Email step from the Favorite Steps category.

Next, we connect the outcome from Send Email step to the End Step in our Flow .
Select Send Email Step on the work-space to configureStep Settings.
First, we locate Email step Inputs and set Constant From and To fields.

Then, we locate Subject and Body fields and set Constant Values for demonstration purposes.

Next, we locate Settings – Contents section and from the Email Template drop-down list we pick Default Template.

This completes our Flow . We can save the Flow and close Flow Designer.

Back in the Designer Folder we locate thumbnail for our Flow and from the Actions menu click Run Flow.

Our Flow sends us an Email that looks as following… We can see that received Email is an HTML document . This is how Email Templates work in Decisions .

Next, we are going to demonstrate how to adjust or create new Email Templates.
In the Decisions Portal we navigate toSystem > Designers > Email Templates Folder . This is where Email Templates are stored in Decisions . We can see our Default Template here. We click on this document and selectDownload Document.

When we open this HTML document on our local machine, it looks as following…

Also, we may adjust/edit this HTML document or create a new one that will satisfy our business needs.

When our Email Template HTML document is ready, we switch back to Decisions Portal System > Designers > Email Templates Folder and click Add on Folder Actions Panel.

In the resulting window we provide our Email Template with Title and Description . Then, we Drag or Choose our Email Template HTML document and click Ok to save and continue.

Email Template is added to Email Templates Folder…

Next, we navigate back to the Flow that we created previously in this tutorial and click Edit on the thumbnail Menu.

In the Flow Designer we select Send Email step on the work-space and locateSettings – Contents section. From Email Template drop-down menu we select our new Email Template . Then, save the Flow and close Flow Designer.

Back in the Designer Folder we Run our Flow again.

This time we receive an Email decorated with our customized Email Template .

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