Creating a Task From A Flow
  • Updated on 05 Mar 2019
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Creating a Task From A Flow

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A flow can be designed to run a process, gather data automatically, or open a form. Having a flow that can open a form and collect user input, such as a task name and description, is what gives us the ability to create a task from a flow.


In this example, we will:

  1. Create a flow that uses an Add Task component.

  2. Configure the Assignment.

  3. Run the flow and see the newly created task in theMy Home folder.

This example assumes that the form, Form 1, has already been created.
To create a task from a flow, we select a Designer folder and click the Create Flow button

We give the flow a name and click CREATE .

In the Flow Designer start-up window, we expand the category Flows, Rules, Forms and Reports > Forms [Interaction] > [Default], select Add Task and click Add to add it to our flow.

When the Add Task Step is added to the flow we have to specify whether or not we want to Pick or Create Form.

Now we can select the form that we previously created, Form 1. Go to Current Folder > Form 1 , and click on Pick to add this form to the Add Task Step.

Connect the component to the end step. 

Next thing to do is configure the Add Task component. Double click thestep.
In the Properties panel, with the Assignment drop down configure The assignment type, name and action name.
In this example select Assigned as the Assignment type . Change the mapping type of Assignment Name and Assignment Action Name to Constant and give both a relevant title. 

Our flow is also complete, so we save the flow and close the Flow Designer .
In the portal, we select the flow's thumbnail, and select Run Flow from its Action menu.

When the flow runs the form is sent to who was designated under Assign To.
To see the task created by the flow, we navigate to the Inbox folder, and view it in the tasks list. In the tasks action menu select Complete Assignment, that was mapped as the Assignment Action Name

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