Color Flow Behavior
  • Updated on 06 Jan 2017
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Color Flow Behavior

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This tutorial demonstrates how to use Color Flow in Decisions . Color Flow is a Flow Behavior that is used to dynamically color rows or cells in Reports .
In this example we are going to create a simple Report . Then, we are going to create a Color Flow to define which colors should be applied to which rows in the Report . Finally, we are going to apply this Color Flow to our Report rows and cells.
We begin in the Designer Folder with clickingCreate New Report on the Start View.

Then, we Name the Report and click Ok to proceed to the Report Designer.

In the Report Designer we click Add in Data Sources window and add Account Data Source from Common category.

Then, in Data Fields window we click Add and add desirable columns to the Report .

In this example we added Account Id andEmail Address columns.

This completes our simple Report . We can save Report and closeReport Designer.
Back in the Designer Folder we click Create Flow on the Folder Actions Panel.

In the resulting window we Name the Flow the Flow Designer will open under Settings pick Color Flow from the Behavior drop-down list.

Our Color Flow should have an Input that will be mapped to Report field later. In the Flow Designer we select Start Step and click Add New Flow Input Data.

In the resulting window we Name Input Data , define Type String and click Ok to save and continue.

Then, we add Create Data step from Favorite Steps category on the outcome from Start Step in our Flow .

With Create Data step selected on the work-space we click Add New under Data Definitions settings.

In the Add Definitions window we Name our Data , Pick ColorDetails Type , and click Ok to save and continue.


On the outcome from Create Data step we add Equals String – Case Insensitive step from All Steps [Catalog] > Data > Text category.

Next, we are going to map data for Equals String step. In the Inputs settings for the step we locate value1 , pick Select Value Mapping Type , and using Path Picker select emailAddress value of the Flow Input that we defined earlier in this tutorial. For value2 Input we Select Value of the EmailAddress field from Flow Data > Current Account Path .

Then, we Add on ‘True’ Mapping Step from All Steps [Catalog] > Data category.

In the Mapping Step settings we locate Inputs > Color , define Constant Mapping Type and click on Value picker. In Edit window we pick colors for the Background, Foreground, Background Selected and Foreground Selected . Then, click Ok to save and continue.

Then, we add Mapping Step from All Steps [Catalog] > Data category on the False outcome from Equals String step in our Flow .

In the similar manner we define Constant Color in this Mapping Step.

Next, we connect outcomes from both Mapping Steps to the End Step in our Flow . Color Flow Type requires to output ColorDetails value. For Color Flow Input into the End Step we use Select Value Mapping Type and Pick our Color variable defined in Create Data step.

This completes our Color Flow . We can save the Flow and close Flow Designer.

Back in the Designer Folder we locate our Accounts Report and Edit it.

In the Report Settings we locate Colors settings and check Use Row Coloring check-box. Row Color Rules setting shows up and we click Add New.

In the resulting window we pickColor Flow fromRule Source drop-down list.

Then, in Flow Information settings we Pick our Color Flow.

In the Rule/Flow Inputs settings we should see our emailAddress Color Flow Input . We select it and click Edit .

In the resulting window we pickemail_address Report Field and click Ok . Then, we click Ok to save and close Add Row Color Rules window.

In the Report Designer we clickRefresh Preview . Our Report Rows are colored based on our Color Flow.

We can also use our Color Flow to color cells in our Report . To do so we pick a column in our Report Data Fields , locate Color Rules , and click Add New.

Similarly, we pickColor Flow Rule Source and Pick our Color Flow.

Then, we Edit our Rule/Flow Inputs…

And our Report Cells are colored based on the Color Flow output.

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