Changing User Password
  • Updated on 03 Jun 2013
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Changing User Password

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Users can change their own passwords in the Designer Studio or User Portal by clicking Actions > Change Password .
Administrators also have permission to reset account passwords by navigating to System > Security > Accounts. Select the account and in its Actions menu select Reset Password .

User Example

In the example, we change the password for the current account, then log in using the new password. (Or, select this option from the Actions menu.)
To begin, navigate to the Actions button in the top right corner, just below Logout.
Click the Actions button and select My Account .


Select Change Password in the bottom panel within the account page.


In the resulting pop-up, complete the Old Password , New Password, and Re-Enter Password fields, then click OK .


To confirm the password is reset, log out . . .


. . . and log in with the new password.


Administrator Example

In this example, begin by navigating to the folder System > Security > Accounts .
In the Folder Data panel, select the account that you would like to change the password to and in its Actions menu select Reset Password .

In the Reset Password popup, we will enter the new password in the Reset Password and Confirm Password fields, and then we will click Save .

The user's password has now been reset. The next time this user attempts to log in they will be required to use the updated password.

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