Database Integration via Agent

Last Updated: 10/19/2018 Introduced in Version: 2.0


Decisions provides a dialog to guide you through the process of database integration using an agent. Before you can integrate a database using an agent, the agent must have already been created, and you must have the data source, initial catalog, user ID and password values for the connection database.

After you have downloaded, installed, and registered an agent, integrate a database through it by navigating to the folder System > Integrations > Databases. Right-click Databases then click Create Connection.

Warning: Setting up Agent involves very detailed settings and every provider and customer environment is different.  If Agent is new to you, it may take time and several attempts to get all of the identifying data and settings correct to allow for secure and reliable authentication.  We recommend making sure there is someone from your organization with experience in Agents and your IT infrastructure available to streamline the process.  The support team is available to help, but may not be able to answer questions or solve problems that are unique to your company.



For this example we will integrate with an example SQL database we have created and named “Curtis” as shown below:

Sample Database

First, we create the agent to use for the database integration. We register the agent, then we download it.

We navigate to the folder System > Designers > Agents and click Add/Register Agent.



In the Register Agent pop-up, we enter a title for the agent and click OK. The title is a placeholder for the agent we will download in the steps below.

The new agent appears in the System > Designers > Agents folder.
To download the actual agent for the registered agent name, we click the Download Agent button.

Once the agent has downloaded, we open and install it.
When the agent is installed, we can use it to integrate our sample database. We navigate to the folder System > Integrations > Databases and click the Create Connection button.
In Database Integration dialog, configure the properties including the agent to be used.

 Test the connection or click OK when finished.
To configure after installation navigate to Services in Windows.  This service is named Decisions Management Agent. Right Click to view properties and change Log In information. 
The configuration file is located at This PC > Local Disk > Program Files (x86) > Decisions Management Agent

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