Creating checkpoints

Last Updated: 08/29/2018 Introduced in Version: 2.0


Creating a checkpoint in a flow will create a backup of the entity in its history folder. This makes it possible to restore from the checkpoint backup file. The difference of a checkpoint vs. a normal or auto-save is that a checkpoint backup file has a specific name. Manual and automatic saves have generated names.



Start by navigating to a Flow from the designer Folders. Inside a Flow locate and select Checkpoint in the action bar to Create a back-up for that instance of the flow. 


Provide the checkpoint name and add any comments as needed, and click SAVE.
View the checkpoint by right-clicking on the designer Folder select History/Documentation Action in the list of actions and then select Open/View. 
In the View, a list of all changes made will appear on the left and on the right side a list of all Checkpoints created as well as auto backups will appear. 
Right-click on Test and select Restore Backup to the Checkpoint created. 
Select Yes to Restore from backup.
The Flow will now be restored to its Checkpoint.


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