Unit Testing & Debugging

When creating a flow there is the ability to create Sample Data to make sure that the flow is operating correctly. Sample Data or automated tests are called Unit tests and can be located and created from...

Using the Flow Debugger

Flows can span multiple systems, such as POP, IMAP, Application Servers, and Database Servers, and may or may not involve an end user. A flow can run an approval process, check or send email, handle an incident, or turn on a server. To ensure the flow runs without errors and has no performance issues, debugging is highly recommended throughout the development stages.

Running Unit Tests on a Flow

Overview You can run unit tests on flows from the Flow Designer. Unit tests run like regular tests in the debugger, but they let you define boilerplate flow input data (so you don't have to enter it manually...

Flow Debugging

Overview This tutorial demonstrates Flow Debugging in Decisions 4.0. The Flow Debugger has been completely redesigned in the HTML version of Decisions. Example In this example we are going to build...

Using Debugging Steps

When debugging a flow, it is sometimes useful to create debugging steps, which can provide information about or gather data from a certain step in the flow before the flow has finished running. Debugging steps can record information in system logs, output the current step's flow data, output a message, or output a string.