Version 8.6.x Release Notes
  • 02 Nov 2022
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Version 8.6.x Release Notes

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Version 8 Built on .NET 6

Impact on Upgrades 

  • Upgrades from versions prior to v7 require an "uninstall" ahead of installing v8
  • ALL Custom Libraries will need to be recompiled.
  • Custom assemblies will need to be re-written. 
  • Modules may require design refactoring or downloading newer  versions.
  • Running multiple versions with the same database is not supported.
  • LESS files from prior versions are not directly compatible with v8

8.6 Enhancements (October 5, 2022)

Manipulate String Lists in Simple Forms [DT-033014]

The Sortable String Control allows users to add, remove, and edit a string in the list. In addition, users can sort the string list.

Get Multiple Segments in an HL7 Message [DT-035671] 

A new step has been added called Get Segments in Group that allows a user to get multiple segments at once. 

Combine PDF Files [DT-035950]

A new step has been added that can combine PDF files.

OAuth Authentication for Office 365 Email Accounts [DT-035822] 

Authentication for email steps has been added for users with Microsoft Office 365 accounts.  

Disable Heart Beat Data Logging [DT-035957] 

Users can now use the new setting Log Usage Data to disable heartbeat data being logged.

Sort Using Horizontal Folder Timeline Control [DT-035608] 

Users can now use the Horizontal Folder Timeline control to sort by State or Sequential.

Trigger a Flow on HL7 State/Status Change [DT-035588] 

A new option called Trigger workflow for StateChanged allows users to create a Flow that can run the state/status changes. 

OAuth Authentication for Email Server (POP3 and IMAP) Steps [DT-035949] 

Users can now use OAuth Tokens for the POP3 and IMAP steps.

Get Status Notification of LESS file Progress [DT-036201] 

When using the Rebuild Styles action from the System Folder, users will get a system notification on the status of the LESS file compilation process.

Add Server URL to Docusign Module [DT-036278]

The DocuSign Module now has a new setting called Base URL (Production) that allows users to input the server base URL.

Add Grafana Loki for Logging [DT-035676] 

Users can send logs to Grafana Loki. To learn more, see Setting Up Grafana Loki Logging.

Determine How a File is Stored in a Flow [DT-035963] 

A new setting called File Storage Association Policy has been added that allows a user to determine how a file is stored.

Module Fixes

[DT-031951] HL7 TCP Receivers
[DT-035589] HL7 - Bouncing of interfaces in bulk
[DT-035590] HL7 - Indexing/Archiving of database tables related to HL7
[DT-036058] Powershell Script Steps default to Run Remotely and hide option
[DT-036168] Update RabbitMQ Dependent DLL to Resolve Unsafe Byte Handling That Resulted in Mysterious Bad or Missing Bytes from Rabbit Payloads

Form Fixes

[DT-035333] The Tabs on a Tab Container Cannot Be Translated
[DT-035565] Unable to type in a text box in the Responsive grid
[DT-035749] Require from Data on Repeater can't work
[DT-035771] Labels should be copyable
[DT-035926] Remove old DataGrid from Favorites on Forms

Flow Fixes

[DT-034246] Opening a Flow calling itself as a SubFlow crashes Decisions
[DT-035560] Large In/Out Flow/Design Pattern slowness/lockouts
[DT-035798] ObjectToDataPair step takes a very long time under heavy load
[DT-035873] Change Assignment Throws Error
[DT-036112] "Open Flow For editing" step breaks after restarting

Rule Fixes

[DT-035679] Truth Tables: We should lock the row number column
[DT-035974] Truth Table: Unnecessary validation is shown when there are header actions
[DT-036048] Converter Flow- This shows a validation error when the converter flow has a list of outputs

Report Fixes

[DT-035555] Charts Views: Unable to type anything under charts 'Type'
[DT-035698] TopXEntitiesFilter type Report filter can't get values from other reports
[DT-035954] Create a new Report with Hidden and Deleted entities
[DT-035996] Report Viewer
[DT-036038] Time Zone Translation: True - The calendar view does not show data from the Last day.

Page Fixes

[DT-035280] Folder Header Data Page Component Cannot Be Translated
[DT-035281] Navigate to Folder Page Component Cannot Be Translated

Data Structure Fixes

[DT-036117] Page Designer: An error is displayed in the console when dragging 'Rich Textbox' control on it.
[DT-036196] Generate Datatype from JsonSchemaStructure causes the platform to crash with Out of Memory Exception

Integration Fixes

[DT-034722] Insert, Update, and Delete Flow step options for MS SQL DB Integration
[DT-036035] API doc missing request body

Portal Fixes

[DT-036004] Remove "LocallyAddressableIISWebsiteIPOrDNSName" Tag in Settings.xml Since It Is Not Used Anymore
[DT-036061] Usage Data - Remove CPU and Memory Details
[DT-036045] Console Errors Loading Page With Multiple Reports From Portal Search
[DT-036082] Library Upgrade
[DT-036089] Upgrade Javascript Libraries
[DT-036105] Continuous spinner is displayed when clicking on the FOLDERS sidebar tab after changing folder selection
[DT-036116] XSS in workflow catalog description
[DT-036145] XSS in Pin Folder Details > Name property
[DT-036148] Error Calling Decisions Flows RESTfully - Named Session
[DT-036178] Duplication in Settings folders in File Storage Location
[DT-036185] Styles break on upgrade to 8 if the customer used certain theme variables
[DT-036187] Multi-Tenant: Tenant Portal looks terrible
[DT-036202] Error importing items in folders where user has no permissions
[DT-036266] OSS Copyrights contains old JQuery-UI version and libraries

Installer Fixes

[DT-035934] Installer margins are not correct

Other Fixes

[DT-033333] Aspose HTML to PDF/Word CSS Upgrade
[DT-035691] Multi Tenancy- Decisions HTTPS/SSL settings cause incorrect redirects
[DT-035913] Import Resolution Screen: Multiple issues
[DT-035936] Dependencies - System.ServiceModel.Http Upgrade

Unsupported Modules

  • MSCRM2011
  • OPC
  • SymantecSMP
  • SCCM
  • SCO
  • Unsupported Modules if Hosting in Containers
    • Powershell 
    • SolaceMQ 
    • Python 

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