Version 8.5.x Release Notes
  • 18 Mar 2024
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Version 8.5.x Release Notes

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Article Summary

Breaking changes caused by [DT-035693] Less files structure refactoring
As part of the change included for the DT, the storage location for LESS files will be moved. This will cause custom LESS files to be lost upon upgrading. It is recommended that users create a backup of any custom LESS files that were created.

Changes that were made using the Theme Editor will persist upon upgrading.

8.5.0 Enhancements

Viewing Disabled Rules [DT-034461]  

Users can now see whether or not Rules in a Rule Set are enabled, disabled, or potentially disabled.

New Encryption Algorithm Step [DT-035720] 

Users can now use a new encryption algorithm step called Get HMac-SHA384 Hash.

Encrypt Session ID in Logs [DT-035683] 

Users can now use the property ObfuscateSessionIdInLogs in the Settings.xml to encrypt the Session Id in the logs.

Thread Jobs Report Viewable on Scheduled Jobs Page [DT-035400] 

Retain File Name When Encrypting File Using PGP Module [DT-035864] 

The Encrypt File for the PGP module steps has a new property named Internal File Name.

New Steps for PDFs [DT-035522] 

Two new steps have been added for PDFs: Add Watermark Text to PDF and Split PDF into Single Pages.

New GitHub Module: Google Cloud [DT-035196] 

Google Cloud has been added to GitHub. It includes integration support for BigQuery and new steps: Raw Legacy SQL Query and Raw SQL Query.

Console Logger for Containers [DT-035541]

Internal URL for Multi-Tenant Tenants [DT-035882]

Users can now specify an internal URL for multi-tenant tenants.

New Method for Volume Mapping Containers [DT-035263] 

Users can use a new method for volume mapping in containers that can be mapped map everything at a single location: \opt\decisions\data.

Update to Import Resolution Page [DT-034304]

The Import Resolution Page now includes a search box, issue counts are now displayed in red, and default resolutions will automatically populate related issues.

Maximize Report Viewer [DT-035765] 

Module Fixes

[DT-035375] GitHub Modules - Newtonsoft.Json < 13.0.1
[DT-035510] Get and Remove does not consumer Azure Service Bus Message

Form Fixes

[DT-035492] CSS on tenants only works when CSS files are also added to the primary
[DT-035496] Data Flow not Triggering in Data Repeater to source Drop Down List
[DT-035852] Module Styles do not load when the form assignment is opened using the link

Flow Fixes

[DT-035474] Significant Performance Difference with LoadFile step Between v5.15.1 and v7.11
[DT-035483] Parent Folder Id Field Is Not Consistently Respected On Fetch Entities
[DT-035591] Download Completed form action does not work with the radio button and auto-complete box on the form
[DT-035627] Memory Leak using PowerShell Steps
[DT-035681] Replace Text with Rich Text in a word document.

Rule Fixes

[DT-035491] Getting Error Running Rule Set: Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.element_configuration_data
[DT-035655] Rule Set: The rule designer does not prompt a save when properties of a matrix rule in a rule set are changed

Report Fixes

[DT-035385] Custom timespan calculated field dissociates itself on any run/save event
[DT-035559] Implement the ability to maximize the Report
[DT-035716] Report - Multiple selections get enabled by pressing the ESC key
[DT-035767] Repository Update

Portal Fixes

[DT-035693] Less files structure refactoring
[DT-035610] Add time to progress.txt
[DT-035675] Remove the Getting Folder and Page from our platform.
[DT-035766] XSS injection in the description of "Use Design Pattern" dialog
[DT-035958] Active Directory - An error is displayed if the group's result count exceeds 500.

Data Structure Fixes

[DT-035339] Cannot Create Table Relationship in a versions 8 Environment

Page Fixes

[DT-035141] Group actions on Report action bars only select the first item

Integration Fixes

[DT-035324] PostgreSQL Tables with Names 50+ Characters Truncated when Interacted with in Decisions
[DT-035407] REST service folders actions missing from the action bar
[DT-035694] Database not using the report. schema for external database views
[DT-035961] Keys.dat are the same for control and tenant instances.

Infrastructure Fixes

[DT-035797] MT tenant-specific user logout and login causes redirect to invalid URL
[DT-035811] Able to add malicious scripts to the tags
[DT-036034] MT Clustering - Tenants appear Offline (IsAlive=false) after a few minutes

Other Fixes

[DT-023632] Rest Service: The folder is not displayed in the folder tree after adding it
[DT-034069] Default CSS Document Cannot Be Updated While in Use
[DT-035406] Upgrade Moment.JS

Unsupported Modules

  • MSCRM2011
  • OPC
  • SymantecSMP
  • SCCM
  • SCO
  • Unsupported Modules if Hosting in Containers
    • Powershell 
    • SolaceMQ 
    • Python 

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