Version 8.10.x Release Notes
  • 02 May 2023
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Version 8.10.x Release Notes

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Article Summary

Version 8.9+ is built on .NET 7. Visit Minor Version Update Guide for assistance on minor updates (E.g., Upgrading 8.6 to 8.9).

Impact on Upgrades 

  • Upgrades from versions before v7 require an "uninstall" ahead of installing v8
  • ALL Custom Libraries will need to be recompiled.
  • Custom assemblies will need to be rewritten. 
  • Modules may require design refactoring or downloading newer versions.
  • Running multiple versions with the same database is not supported.
  • LESS files from prior versions are not directly compatible with v8

Breaking Changes

[DT-037052] Use ULIDs instead of GUIDs to generate Unique IDs
  • Newly created entities will be assigned a ULID format instead of GUID for their IDs. This change may cause interruptions to any integrations with Decisions that rely on the GUID format.

8.10.1 Updates (March 29, 2023)

DT TitleDescriptionOccurs In
[DT-037757] Constant FileData mapping throws a "value cannot be null" error in some casesA constant File Data list on a Create Data step will throw an error. Also, when a File Data list is empty and then later added onto, the Flow will error after the file is added to the list. 8.10.0

8.10.0 Enhancements (March 24, 2023)

Release Note Training Videos
We now post New Features and Enhancement training videos on the Decisions Support Youtube Channel. This new playlist is a convenient way to stay informed about the latest advancements and improvements to the Decisions Platform.
[DT-037184] Remove 'Complete Assignment' StepRemoved the "Complete Assignment" and "Complete Assignment with Notes" Steps and replaced them with "Complete Assignment for Flow". This will allow users to select a Flow and complete the assignment. But unlike the original step, this requires the user to declare all necessary inputs. This will prevent the Flow from getting stuck in a bad state.

For more information, please navigate to our Training Video.
[DT-037086] Output SQL query from fetch entities stepAdded the 'Show Query In Output' property to the "Fetch Entities" step, which will provide a new output to the step with the value of the Query statement.

For more information, please navigate to our Training Video.
[DT-037052] Use ULIDs instead of GUIDs to generate Unique IDsNew Entities created after this update will use ULID instead of Guid's format for an ID. All previous entities will still work as expected.
[DT-036429] Add Option for Azure SQL on UI-Based Tenant ProvisioningFor multi-tenancy, we added the option to use Azure SQL for the backend for any of your tenants.

*In 8.10, If the DB install is using Azure Service Principal, the Local Connection option when setting up tenants will not function properly - this is being resolved 8.11*
[DT-037157] Migrate System.Data.SqlClient to Microsoft.Data.SqlClient.This is specific to Raw SQL steps. Connections strings specified in Raw SQL steps making connections to Databases that are not secured might need to be reconfigured.  
[DT-036483] Cannot Set Font on Labels or Text Boxes on Simple FormsUpdate both Labels and Textboxes for simple forms to allow users to set font properties for the labels tied to these controls.
[DT-036491] New Steps: Get Day of Month and Get Months Start/End DateAdded the new steps 'Get Previous Month's Start/End Date' and 'Get Next Month's Start/End Date'

For more information, please navigate to our Training Video.
[DT-036601] Hold Events attribute does not workImproved performance by changing the Hold Events attribute.N/A
[DT-036678] Ability to Authenticate Active Directory Using KerberosThe "Authentication Method" setting was added to Active Directory Settings.
[DT-036893] Add Group Permission Audit ReportUpdated the Report source for auditing of group permissions. Users can now create reports showing the audit history for groups in addition to only users.

For more information, please navigate to our Training Video.
[DT-036955] Add The Ability To Set a Query Parameter From A Report Via A FlowAllows users to pull a parameter from the URL and pass it to the query parameter as the value for use. This will allow the Report only to query the information needed when it runs instead of filtering after all the data is fetched.

For more information, please navigate to our Training Video.
[DT-037063] System - Admin - Cache: Redis Cache Definition: Irrelevant information mentioned in the validation message displayed on Connection String.Updated the validation message when unable to connect to the Redis server.
[DT-037069] Update Item In ListAdded the 'Update Item in List by Index' step to allow users to map new values into properties of an item in a list without the need to remove and read the item.

For more information please navigate to our Training Video.
[DT-037072] Postgres 15 - Upgrade AUT ServersAdded support for Postgres 14 and 15---
[DT-037074] Postgres 15 - Upgrade Npgsql libraryAdded support for Postgres 14 and 15---
[DT-037076] Postgres 15 - Add support for Postgres 14 and 15 in the installer.Added support for Postgres 14 and 15---
[DT-037085] Use CSV UTF-8 for Importing and exporting data for a data typeAdded ability to use CSV UTF-8 when importing CSV data for a data type and export the data as a CSV UTF-8 file when exporting the data.---
[DT-037107] Allow Certificate to be Defined on Global RabbitMQ SettingsUsers can now specify SSL Settings for ALL queues to use as default in (System > Settings > RabbitMQ Settings).
[DT-037147] External Truth Table Designer - External Data Report: Unable to map data field to the truth table column name for an 'Integer' type.We have resolved to only let users use simple data types when using an external truth table. A validation will appear if a complex type is selected on an External Truth Table.
[DT-037256] "Character Is Numeric" Rule Verb is not a 0 start indexWe have updated the "Character is Numeric" Rule verb to start at 0 indexes to be in line with our other number-based and list-based evaluations
[DT-037275] Create A Setting To Optionally Disable GitHub Calls From DecisionsAdded the ability to disable the call to GitHub on startup.
[DT-037283] Add An Option To Load All Tabs Simultaneously On Tab Container Page ControlEnhanced the "Tab containers" Page control by adding a new setting, "Load all Tabs Control Initially"
[DT-037373] New Step Request: Join Types List Mapping StepAdding a new step in Data > List > Join Types List Mapping Step allows users to JOIN two lists of objects from different sources.

For more information please navigate to our Training Video.
[DT-037440] Repository - Merge To Branch action allows users to select entities from a specific revision.Updated the repository merge action to allow users only to select specific entities to merge rather than entire revisions.

For more information please navigate to our Training Video.
[DT-036749] Send MS Word docx Files Through DocusignThe "Send Documents For Signing" step now supports ".docx" files.
[DT-036714] Multi-tenant Containers: Ability to dynamically add tenants without interacting with the PortalA new way exists to create and "Get all" tenants in containers via API calls. The new method is located System > Administration > Features > All Services, and the service name is MultiTenancyAdministrationService. Select "View Integration Details"; there will be two options, CreateInstance and GetAllInstanceNames.



DT TitleDescriptionOccurs In
[DT-035863] Modules - Decisions.Enterprise - Error in Module DescriptionUpdated the description of the Enterprise module.7.13, 8.x
[DT-037210] Kafka extra consumer prevents some partitions from being readUpdated the Kafka message queue settings for when extra consumers get added and configured; it was missing some data.7.11, 8.x
[DT-037252] Github - Move Decisions.EDI to GithubRemoved Decisions.EDI Hidden module.All Previous


DT TitleDescriptionOccurs In
[DT-035871] Form Designer:- Document Viewer- 'Additional Url Parameters' property editor overlaps on the 'Default Page Number' property editor.Fixed an issue where property editors would overlap each other on the "Document Viewer" Form Control.All Previous
[DT-035872] Form Designer:- Document Viewer- 'Url Parameter Data Name' property is displayed even when the 'Add Additional Url Parameters' property is false.Fixed an issue where the Document Viewer Form control would not hide the 'Get From Data Name' if the 'Add Additional Url Parameters' is set to false.8.4
[DT-036186] Form Buttons Not Retaining Field Validations when Switching TabsFixed an issue where validations were cleared from the Submit button when switching tabs on the 'tab container' Form control.All Previous
[DT-036203] Unable to Push Type-in Text from Dropdown into Active Form Flow.If a user typed in response to a drop-down, the data was not correctly sent to the Active Form Flow referencing that data; this has been resolved.7.x, 8.x
[DT-036439] Unable to pass the selected items with the 'Get Control Value' step from the Checkbox list.Fixed an issue where the 'Get Control Value' generated a 'NULL' even when empty.All Previous
[DT-036476] Data Repeater Can't Recognize Current Item Index in Active Form FlowFixed an issue where the Index of a Data Repeater would not be recognized under the variable.7.x, 8.x
[DT-036724] Simple Form Repeater - Dependent drop-down does not work correctly for some complex scenarios.When a Data Flow set multiple other controls in a Simple Form, the Active Form Flow was not setting the data correctly. This has been resolved.8.8
[DT-036768] Dropdown with HTML tags rendering the HTMLFixed an issue when using HTML for a drop-down list input; it would show the HTML tags when selected in the DropDown Form Control.All Previous
[DT-037023] If a user drops a Form control (button) onto a grid layout, then uses an arrow key, the Form control will be moved to the top left grid cell; attempting to move the Form control will throw an error.We have updated the capability of using arrow keys to set and move Form Controls to appropriate cells8.x
[DT-037032] Form/Page Designer:- 'Font Attribute' property does not have a consistent name for all controls.Updated the name of the "Font Attribute property to be uniform on all Form designers.8.x
[DT-037061] Georgia Font is "Supported" for the Rich Text BoxWe have updated the Rich Text Box control so that the Georgia font if selected, is set appropriately for the data sent out from the control.All Previous
[DT-037146] Simple Forms In New Window Will Not Show When Contained In a Sub FlowFixed an issue when a Simple Form was contained in a sub-flow and called via API. The Form was not rendering correctly, and this has been resolved7.x, 8.x
[DT-037176] Simple Forms Don't Render When Called as an APIFixed an issue when a Simple Form was contained in a sub-flow and called via API. The Form was not rendering correctly, and this has been resolved8.x
[DT-037220] New/Blank Rule Flow created each time you click to Add a New Active Form FlowFixed an issue where users would click the "Add Active Form Flow" action but not configure/save the Flow would keep the Flow instead of removing it.8.x
[DT-037276] Simple Form - Blank Form is displayed when running Flow in a new windowSelecting the "Run Flow in New Window" action on a Simple Form was causing the Form not to render as expected; this has been resolved.8.x
[DT-037376] Simple Form: Button: At design time, Form continuously flickers when the 'Static Text' property is false.Fixed an issue with simple forms that had the screen 'flicker' when data was passed into the text control8.8
[DT-037400] Script Injection vulnerability with a drop-down Form componentFixed an issue with how Active Form Flows load on parent forms allowing script injection. We have fixed this vulnerability.8.x


DT TitleDescriptionOccurs In
[DT-034653] Incorrect Wording on Folder Extension Create StepWe updated the 'Create Folder Extension' Setting from "Send Notification" to "Send Event".All Previous
[DT-036611] MySQL Connector DLLs Cause Error in Flow EditorAdding custom dlls for MySQL in the .NET Libraries section of flows was throwing an error. We have fixed this7.14, 8.6
[DT-036931] Not finding a match when passing in a null.Fixed an issue where a fetch entity step returns no results when the criteria are set to Equals and the value is set to nullAll Previous
[DT-036997] Flow Designer: 'Rich Text Label' step is displayed as blank after debugging flow.Fixed an issue where the 'Rich Text Label' step displayed as blank after debugging Flow.8.7
[DT-037009] Copy Rule Step does not copy the preview image or Rule phraseWe have enhanced the 'copy' functionality when copying a Rule step to include all parts of the Rule.All Previous
[DT-037087] Allow Output Data for Simple FlowsAdded the ability to Output Data from Simple Flows7.x, 8.x
[DT-037103] Flow: Unable to debug the Flow intermittently.Fixed an issue when the Flow designer was open for over 20 mins; the debugger was not opening as expected.8.9
[DT-037129] "CSV To List Mapping step" does not through an exception message with the incorrect typeWe have updated the "CSV to List Mapping" to show the correct messaging when hitting data that cannot convert to expected types.All Previous
[DT-037212] Decisions Upgrade Issue - Missing PDF StepFixed an issue where importing a Flow with the "Get PDF Form Fields" step specifically from V6 to V8 was causing an issue.8.x
[DT-037215] Deleting the GoTo step after selecting the step name throws an error and freezes the flowFixed an issue where a configured "GoTo" step was deleted from within a Flow, causing the Flow to throw errors and become non-responsive.All Previous
[DT-037227] Updated Fields not Saved in ExtensionDataFixed an issue where data gets stale value on a data structure extension if the folder is saved from again AfterSave for setting a modified date.All Previous
[DT-037288] DataDesignerPage: ListView: Duplicate blank row gets added when updating the last row Fixed an issue with an extra blank row getting adding a new row to the "ListView" controls.8.x
[DT-037356] "Form is not part of the current step error" when accessing Flow via URLFixed an issue where accessing a Flow vie URL would cause an error and result in the user navigating to another Page when refreshing.8.x
[DT-037460] Running Fire and Forget Async Flow does not persist correct Flow tracking idFixed an issue where the TrackingID provided by the 'FireAndForgetAsync' Step was different from the actual FlowTrackingID7.x, 8.x
[DT-037487] Assignments are getting marked as Completed without the user completing the Assignment by following certain stepsFixed an issue where some assignments would auto-complete without the users working on the assignment. This would cause the assignment to get stuck in a bad state.8.x


DT TitleDescriptionOccurs In
[DT-037018] Rule Designers: Rule Layer - Search Box: An error ' Value cannot be null is displayed when providing any value.Using the dialog within a truth table or Rule table while inside the Rule debugger threw a null error message when no data was set up.8.x
[DT-037194] Unable to setup Rule in Rule Collection Filter when using it in Sub Dialog FlowUsers saw a failure message when using a Rule Collection filter step inside a Sub Dialog Flow behavior. This has been resolved.7.x, 8.x
[DT-037221] Truth Table: sample set panel is not refreshed when clicking on "Has No Match Outcome"Added a refresh when the user changes the value of the "Has no match outcome" boolean in a Truth Table.8.x
[DT-037265] Rule Designer: Radio buttons are not aligned. The info panel has a small margin on the right side.Fixed alignment of Radio Buttons in the Rule designer.8.x
[DT-037286] RuleSet: Sample Data: All entities in RuleSet is not displayed in Sample set panel after picking sample Set DataFixed an issue with sample data being shown correctly when selecting sample data within a Rule set8.x
[DT-037405] External Truth Table: CSV/Excel data source does not correctly determine the format of columns.Fixed an issue where users could not select the column from the excel file as a data field in the Report of an external truth table, even when the type of the column in the excel file and the type of variable defined on the truth table were the same.8.x


DT TitleDescriptionOccurs In
[DT-036889] Page: Grouping is removed, and charts are not displayed on editing the Report via Report Viewer Control and deleting any existing column.There was an issue with editing the Report from within the Page designer and trying to modify grouping and charts. We have resolved this issue.8.8
[DT-036892] Report Viewer: Selecting "Put any group over X into another category" for a ring or pie chart shows incorrect data on the chart slice, and when users drill down into the chart sliceFixed an issue with the pie chart 'x' category not showing the correct data summary.7.x, 8.x
[DT-036923] Timezone translation occurs twice on the calendar list, day, and week viewFixed an issue where timezone translation showed duplicate data on the calendar list.All Previous
[DT-037307] Calendar View: Invalid column name error while using multiple data sources in a Report.Setting multiple data sources for a Report, or joins, would throw an error when trying to use calendar view; this has been resolved7.x, 8.x
[DT-037324] Filter Change Source Name being sent from one Report seems to be respected by reports on other pagesFixed an issue where if navigation parameters were set on one page, they are carried over to all subsequent pages, even if the URL did not include those parameters.8.9
[DT-037148] Clustering - Non-Stick Session: An 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object' error is displayed while creating a 'Page' and adding controls.Updated message users were getting when trying to edit reports and dashboards in a clustered environment.8.9

Data Structures

DT TitleDescriptionOccurs In
[DT-036437] Data Structure Fields Not Searchable Within Studio Designers Following UpgradeFixed an issue where only a limited amount of properties on a Data Structure would appear when searching in the Mapping Editors.7.x, 8.x
[DT-037077] Developer Permissions Can't Use Create Management Folder ActionFixed an issue where permissions set on a folder were not respected correctly in certain scenarios.8.8
[DT-037078] Designer Permissions Can't Move Management FoldersDesigner users could not Create Management Folders or Move Management Folders on Data Structures. This has been fixed.All Previous


DT TitleDescriptionOccurs In
[DT-036935] Rest Service - Enable Mutual Authentication - True: An error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" is displayed when editing the services after importing the project.Fixed an issue with services enabled with a .pfx certificate throwing an error after trying to edit post import/export.8.x

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