Version 7.12.x Release Notes
  • 07 Jul 2022
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Version 7.12.x Release Notes

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Version 7.x .NET Architecture Change:
Versions 7.0.1 - 7.1 require .NET Core 3.1
Versions 7.2 - 7.9 require .NET 5
Versions 7.10+ require .NET 6

Impact on Upgrades: 

  • ALL custom libraries will need to be recompiled for the new .NET architecture.
  • Custom assemblies will need to be re-written.
  • Modules may require reinstallation or design refactoring.

Updates 7.12.1 (May 24,2022)

Github Auto Update on Startup [DT-034725]

Updated Verbiage on License Agreement on Installations [DT-035062]

7.12 Enhancements (May 20, 2022)

Allow Temporary Credentials for SQS Message Queue [DT-034131]

Users can specify temporary credentials to use for the SQS message queue to have access to the queue.

New Steps for Amazon Module [DT-033751] 

New steps have been added to the Amazon Module: Create a VPC, Create Internet Gateway, Create Subnet, Attach Subnet to Route Table, Authorize Security Ingress, Create Network ACL Entry, Launch Instance, Create KeyPair, and Attach VPC Gateway. To learn more about these steps, see Amazon EC2 Step Glossary.

Add SNS Topics with AWS Module [DT-034522]

Refresh Flow Run Parts For Folder Change Events [DT-024726]

A new setting was added that allows users to select whether to Refresh a Flow Run Part on a change or selection.

Open Source Copyrights on System Information [DT-034524] 

Users can view the Open Source libraries and their copyrights from the System Information dialog window.

Add Background Image to PDF [DT-034474]

A new step has been added that lets users add a background image to PDF files. To learn more, see Add Background Image To PDF step.

Turn Off Autoplay for Video Control on Forms [DT-031205]

Users now have the ability to turn off autoplay for video control on a Form.

Module Fixes

[DT-034383] Exchange Module steps fails silently.
[DT-034606] Data type missing from FHIR 

Form Fixes

[DT-033234] Deleting a Rich Text Label Annotation step doesn't remove it until you reload your flow
[DT-033636] Form Side Panel Cannot be Toggled OFF on In-Session Forms
[DT-034331] Can Assign Assignments to Non Existent Accounts in Decisions
[DT-034372] DocViewer Downloads Multiple Copies of Unsupported Doc Ext Type
[DT-034412] Null reference error while clearing the FormSession by PageContextID
[DT-034535] Advance data grid inline edit configuration has a random delete action that cannot be removed.
[DT-034597] Rich Text Lists Not Displaying Properly

Flow Fixes

[DT-033887] Allow Simple Flow Steps to be renamed via Favorites
[DT-034208] Some "List to CSV" step Delimiters do not work
[DT-034255] Mapping Editor: "First" Mappings Break on List Properties of User-Defined Types
[DT-034390] dotTrace
[DT-034477] Flow Step: "Parse Date With Format" has a typo in the default error message
[DT-034697] Compute Business Time / for Location Regression throwing a generic object reference error
[DT-034753] "Add Image To Word Doc" rotates the image
[DT-034789] Intermediate errors when running External Database Steps

Rule Fixes

[DT-034297] "Rule Audit" does not capture data for External truth tables
[DT-034761] Changing a Data label on a truth table clears out all of the data in that row

Report Fixes

[DT-033306] The "Date Range Filter" throws a validation warning when you remove it from your report
[DT-034172] Default Grid Action Fails with Report Viewer Action Filter
[DT-034655] Error fetching data on Report sourced by Oracle Table Integration

Page Fixes

[DT-034288] Pie Charts don't allow selection of the created SubTotals

Data Structure

[DT-033978] New case entity records do not show user actions after upgrading 

Integration Fixes

[DT-034309] Improve API Performance for Flows, Rules, etc
[DT-034462] Query fails for agent database integration
[DT-034515] Oracle Table Integration: Unable to insert step due to Datetime formatting
[DT-034655] Error fetching data on Report sourced by Oracle Table Integration

Portal Fixes

[DT-034402] ServerHeathBeat job calling itself
[DT-034423] Displaying DB connection string
[DT-034542] New users can't register properly and use the system
[DT-034586] Permissions must be continuously reapplied after branch change
[DT-034817]  Input Data values defined for Flow inputs on the Edit Schedule Job dialog get cleared on editing the Flow used in the Schedule Job

Other Fixes

[DT-026799] Thumbnails can't be added to documents
[DT-032149] Full Opacity on Disabled Text
[DT-033603] "Repository Module" shows up as a filter in reports, but when you add it, it shows up under the Data Sources section -- Error Removing it from the report
[DT-034413] Need to separate w3c logs from kestel logs
[DT-034419] Document cache should not be stored in the system/user temp folder
[DT-034444] Verbiage for auto response has a misspelling
[DT-034593] Multiple rows showing for one assignment
[DT-034869] Slowness on Server

Supported Modules

  • ActiveMQ
  • AmazonWebServices
  • AzureServices
  • Equifax
  • Exchange (2019+ versions)
  • Experian
  • FHIR
  • Foreign Exchange
  • HL7
  • HubSpot
  • iCal
  • Kafka
  • MSMQ
  • Office365
  • Okta
  • Powershell (via remote connection)
  • QRCodes
  • R
  • Sharepoint ("online" version)
  • Salesforce
  • SAML
  • Sharepoint
  • Slack
  • Telephony
  • USPS

Unsupported Modules

  • MSCRM2011
  • OPC
  • SymantecSMP
  • SCCM
  • SCO

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