Integration with External Web Service
  • 05 Apr 2022
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Integration with External Web Service

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Webservice references are web services that can be integrated into a Flow. To add a web service within the Portal, navigate to the folder System > Integrations > External Services and click the ADD WEB SERVICE REFERENCE button, then supply the necessary details.
To call a web service method as part of a Flow, in the Flow Designer, locate the appropriate component under Integration > External WebServices > [WebService Reference Name], and place it in the Flow's workspace.

Important Notes
  • In order to generate a Web Service Reference, please install .NET Core 5.0 SDK and initiate a machine restart for proper configuration.
  • The platform currently does NOT support creating integrations with Web Services protected using Basic/Windows Authentication or Web Services over HTTPS that use Self Signed Certificates. For both cases, using an SDK is the best practice.
  • If running Decisions in Containers, users will need the .NET v6 SDK to create Web Service References.


The following example will integrate an External Web Service that will verify if a phone number is valid. A user will input the phone number in a Form, which will serve as input to the web service. If the phone number is valid, the Flow will proceed. Otherwise, the user is redirected back to the original Form.

  1. Navigate to System > Integrations > External Services and click ADD WEBSERVICE REFERENCE.
  2. In the Add External Web Services Reference window, enter a name for the web service reference and the URL for the web service. Because WSDL defines the web service, select the Specify WSDL option. WSDL-defined web services can describe the methods that users can use. 
  3. After selecting the Specify WSDL option, select Url as the Source Type and enter the wsdl URL in the From URL field.
    The From File option will provide an option to upload a .wsdl file.
  5. In a Designer Project, click CREATE FLOW to create a Flow.
  6. Navigate to INTEGRATION > WEB SERVICES. Expand the reference and drag over the CheckPhoneNumber step to the workspace and connect the step to the Start and End steps.
  7. Enter in constant values for the License Key and Phone Number fields.  
  8. Click Debug on the top action bar to review the output of the step.

For further information on Integrations, visit the Decisions Forum.

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