Data Field Settings
  • 19 May 2023
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Data Field Settings

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Each Data Structure has its own data fields that can be individually configured. These settings are on the right side of the creation window of the Data Structure. For more information on Data Structures, see About Data Structures.

Data Field Information 

Setting NameDescription
Is ListConfigures this data field to store a list of items of this type instead of a single item.
Allow Null (No Value)This setting allows this data field to accept a null value.
Text LengthBy default, all String data fields are set to NVARCHAR, and this feature allows for the setting of character length for the String.

Default (255 characters)NVARCHARThis is the default character length set to 255 characters.

SpecifyNVARCHARThis allows to specify a character length.

Max NVARCHARThis sets the maximum character length and is determined by the database being utilized.

KeyFieldVARCHARThis represents the primary key and enables the specification of the character length for the Primary Field.

Display Information

Setting NameDescription
CategoriesCreates a group for the data field
Display LabelDefines a label to display the data field in property editors
Display OrderOrder to display the data field


Setting NameDescription
Override Database Field NameAllows SQL Keywords to be used as data field names
Create Database IndexAllows this data field to be used as a Database Index
Contains PIIEncrypts the data in the database (Cannot be reverted). When enabled, data is encrypted with 256-bit AES.
Encrypt DataEncrypts the data in the database (Can be reverted). When enabled, data is encrypted with 256-bit AES.
SelectEditorChanges the data fields flow 'Constant' editor type
Suggested ValuesData added here is used to show selectable values in a drop-down menu while adding/editing Entities and is not restrictive.
Configure Custom AttributesAllows for custom attributes on the selected data field
Include Field In DescriptionThe Data field name will be included in its description
Is Lookup List Key FieldThe selected data field is the key field for Lookup lists generated from this data structure.
Use Visibility RuleAllows for Visibility Rules to be created for a selected data field. This function can only be selected when editing an existing Data Structure

Feature Changes

DescriptionVersionDateDeveloper Task
Ability to Set NVARCHAR to the data fields8.12Pending Release

For further information on Data Structures, visit the Decisions Forum.

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