Creating a Dropdown List
  • 15 Feb 2022
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Creating a Dropdown List

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A Dropdown List control displays a created dropdown list upon clicking its dropdown arrow.


To configure a Drop-down List, navigate to Properties > Input Data to view its settings.

TypeSelects data type of the dropdown list
Display FieldAppears if an Entity data type is chosen for the Type (ex: FileData, Accounts, Documents, etc).
Selects which variable within the Entity data type to represent item(s) within the dropdown list. For example, a FileData dropdown may display each item in the list by its FileName.
List Input SourceDefines origin of list items.

DataNameGathers list items via DataName allowing for dynamic population

FlowGathers list items by grabbing outputs from a Flow ran inside the Form 

StaticGathers list items by entering user-specified data
Furthermore, the Static Default Item(s) setting enables if or if there is not a default chosen item in the list.

Creating a Static Dropdown List

  1. Open a Form in the Form Designer. Drag and drop the Drop Down List into the Form.
  2. In the Input Data section under the List Input Source select the desired source. 
  3. Choose Static and add List Items: A, B, C, and D.
  4. Select Preview in the top action bar to view the List.

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