Entity Action Visibility
  • 27 Jun 2022
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Entity Action Visibility

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Action Visibility Rules filter out actions created in a Configuration Folder or are a part of the action menu. Users have the ability to create and hide custom and default actions. Actions are visible by navigating to an Entity and then right-clicking it to view available user actions.  


  1. In a Designer Project, right-click the Entity Configuration Folder and select the Action Visibility Rule action. Name the Rule and click CREATE.
  2. Within the Rule Designer, configure the Rule to state "if Action.Name Equals Create Insurance Claim".
  3. Click Add and select Add Condition. Configure the statement to read "Flow Data.InitiatingAccount.EmailAddress Contains +local". Click Save.



When logged in with an account that does not contain "+local" in the email address, the Create Insurance Claim action is available to use.


After logging in with an Account containing "+local", the Create Insurance Claim Action is no longer available.

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