Updating Custom Modules
  • 01 Nov 2021
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  This documentation version is deprecated, please click here for the latest version.

Updating Custom Modules

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When using a custom module, it may be necessary to update it to properly accomplish new tasks or provide new functionality. 


Before updating a custom module, be sure to backup C:\Program Files\Decisions\Service Host Manager\modules\[CustomModuleFolderName].

  1. After updating the module code, unzip the new module .zip folder in a separate location.
  2. Stop the Service Host Manager in Windows Services.
  3. Copy the contents from the newly unzipped module to C:\Program Files\Decisions\Decisions Services Manager\modules\[CustomModuleFolderName].
  4. Confirm to update the files being updated.
    Ensure that the .dll file is unblocked by right-clicking on the file and click Unblock from the Properties window. 

  5. Start the Service Host Manager.

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