Setting Form Size in the Flow Designer
  • 26 May 2021
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Setting Form Size in the Flow Designer

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When used in a Flow, a Form can be resized to specific dimensions. 

Find the Form Size settings within the Flow Designer, in the Properties panel of a Show Form step. Under the section Form Setup > Sizing.

There are two Sizing Types to choose from:

  • Own Window: This is when the Flow is opened in a new window.
  • Sub Dialog: This is when the Flow is opened in a Dialog with the Portal Behind.

Within each sizing Type, there is the option to select Use Preceding Form Size which will set the current Form to the same size as the previous Form.

Size SettingsDescription
Designed SizeMake the Form's dimensions conform to the width and height specified in the Form Designer
MaximizedMake the Form fill the window that contains it
Specified SizeMake the Form conform to specific pixel dimensions. Fields for pixel Width and pixel Height will appear beneath the Size Type drop down list.
Sub Dialog PositionSet the position to Center or Last Form's Position
Hide Title BarHides the title bar of the Form

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