About Statement Rules
  • 11 Mar 2020
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About Statement Rules

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Statement Rules are one of many types of rules used Decisions. The Statement Rule is the most widely used and can be configured in many different ways using “if and then” statements, "either, or" as well as "and" can be added to the statement. Statement rules return a true or false outcome within a flow. The true or false outcome evaluates the statement depending upon the variables that you select within the rule.


To start writing a Statement Rule navigate to a Designer Folder and select Create Rule.


Select Statement Rule, choose Default and selectCreate.


Name the rule and proceed to the Rule Designer.

In the Rule Designer choose Select Data Elements choose from the drop-down. Then Pick Verb and configure the statement.

In the screenshot below is an example of a completed Statement Rule that is used in a flow in order to evaluate approved insurance applications. For example when the rule evaluated "true" the data went down a pathway in the flow for approved applications.


For more information on creating a rule navigate here.

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