Run Flows For List Step
  • 30 Nov 2023
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Run Flows For List Step

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Introduced in Version---
Modified in Version---
  • Flow Management > Iteration
  • System > Advanced

The Run Flows for List and Run Flows for List [Batch Processing] steps process a list of items from a defined data type and execute a distinct Flow for each item. This functionality is similar to the For Each step. However, in this case, it triggers a separate Flow for each item in the list.

For example, this could be employed to extract a list of email addresses from the account data type and execute a specific action for each email address in the list.

Run Flows for List and Run Flows for List [Batch Processing] steps exhibit identical behavior.



PropertyDescriptionData Type
Input TypeAllows you to pick the data type---
Output TypeDefines the output data type for the step. This will return the list of results received from the Flow.---


PropertyDescriptionData Type
EDIT FLOWAllows the user to edit the Flow for the step---
Run Behavior---

SynchronousRuns in real-time on the current Flow or Thread. Similar to how in-session forms display to the current user immediately---

ThreadJobRuns synchronously but uses multiple threads on the machine to execute faster---

WorkQueueRuns Flow across multiple queues---

ThreadJobAsyncRuns the Flow Async and doesn't wait for any return data---

AsyncAndWaitRuns the processes and pauses the parent Flow until the step has finished executing all of the items in a list---

System ThreadsRuns the process through Threads that are outside of the Thread Job Queue. The work will be split evenly across all threads.---
Queue NameDefines the name of the queueString
Thread CountDefines the number of threads the step will utilizeInt32
Expose All Flow DataPasses all Flow data to the parent FlowBoolean

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