Collection Filter Steps
  • 19 Aug 2022
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Collection Filter Steps

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The Collection Filter or Rule Collection Filter steps allow users to create custom Rules or Flows to filter a list. The Collection Filter utilizes a Flow with two end stops: Include in Collection and Exclude from Collection. The Rule Collection Filter can return matches, non-matches, or both.  The Flow or Rule created by this step to filter the list is stored in the Folder View report by changing the Report view to include hidden items



Input nameDescriptionData Type
Expose Flow DataPasses the Flow Data to the parent FlowBoolean
TypeSpecifies the data type which will be used by the stepAny selected Data Type
Input CollectionThe inputted list for the data typeList of the selected Data Type
Edit [FlowName] ButtonOpens the Flow or Rule that provides the logic for filteringFlow or Rule
Data to Return *Only for Rule Collection Filter stepReturn Matches will return all items that evaluate true.
Return Matches and Non-Matches will return all items.
Return Non-Matches will return all items that evaluate false. 


Output nameDescriptionData Type
Filtered ArrayOutputs the resulting list of the specified datatypeList of [Data Type]

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