Root Annotation Steps
  • 12 Oct 2022
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Root Annotation Steps

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The steps under Annotation are used to identify and label parts of a Flow. They are only visible in the Flow Designer workspace. These steps are used to model a Flow's logic, add design notes, list components and paths that have not yet been added to a Flow, or clarify functionality when working in a complex Flow.


The Annotation category consists of the following steps:

  • Arrow
  • Image
  • Label - Large
  • Label - Medium
  • Label - Small
  • Line
  • Rich Text Label

PropertyDescriptionData Type
Rick Text (only in the Rich Text Label step)Allows the user to set the Rich Text contentRich Text
Background ColorSets the background color-
Border WidthSets the border width. When changing the value, the Border Color field will be displayed.-
Z OrderSets the overlap order of the step-
Font AttributesSets the font attributes such as Font Family, Font Size, Bold, Italics, Small Caps, and Label Color-
Outcome PathsCreates an outcome path(s) for the step-

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