Restricting Data By Rules

Last Updated: 09/12/2018 Introduced in Version: 2.0

This tutorial demonstrates how a Systems Administrator can restrict designers from using certain fields in a Data Structure by adding a Data Rule. This looks like a rule but the Data Rule is added by navigating to Systems in designer Folders and set up. After the Data Rule is set up, it will appear in the flow designer when the user searches in All Steps using the search bar. 




This example will demonstrate how to apply a Data Restriction Rule to an Account Data Type. Start by adding a Data Rule that will display only data fields that start with “a” under Account Data Type

Navigate to the System > Designers > Toolbox Customization > Data Rules Folder in the Portal. Then, select the Add Data Rule button on the Folder Actions Panel.



Next, name the Data Rule and select the Data Type, in this example (Account) is used from the Decisions database.  Save the Rule to close and locate the new rule in Designer View.


Next, In Designer View locate the Rule, right click and go to Actions > Edit Rule to open the Rule Designer.


 Design the rule to evaluate whether or not the name on the account starts with a. The Rule reads, (name Starts With a). In the rule phrase builder, pick name and select Next. This Rule Input represents a data field within the complex data type. Set the mapping to Constant and give it the value a. Close the rule phrase builderThis completes our Rule design. 


In the Flow, locate the Restrict Account Type, by searching Account in the search bar. Next, connect the Start Step to the (Data Rule) and the Data Rule to the end step and complete the flow. To test this Data Restriction Rule, navigate into a Flow Editor where the Account Data Structure is being used, and check the data fields that are visible. Verify that the only data fields seen start with the letter A.



Connect the start step to the end step and complete the flow. 


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