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Using a Flow to Source a Report

  • Updated on 05 Mar 2019
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Using a flow to source a report allows you to report on virtually any data source. A flow can make a web service call. Using a flow to source a Report makes it possible to use multiple data sources as well. Every time the Report is run, the flow executes and passes in the respective data.


  • Create and Configure a Flow that GetsAll account users and set the Flow behavior.
  • Create a Report using information gathered in the flow.
  • Run the Report.


GetAll Step: Integration > Internal Services > AccountService
End Step: On Flow designer


Create Flow and Set Flow Behavior

Begin by Creating and naming a Flow. In the Flow designer under the Settings section under BehaviorType choose Report Data Source Flow.


Get All Step

In the GetAll Step in theOutputs settings next to GetAll_Output choose Select From Flow and pick GetAll_Output. This step is retrieving all Account data.

End Step

Because we want our Report to use data passed in from this Flow, we need to configure the End Step to output data gathered in the Flow. To do this, click on the End step and in the Edit Step dialog, under Output , in the Data section select Show Editor.

In the Data Definitions editor configure the Output data. Name the Data and choose its type, check theIs List box to check for the array Accounts. Under Inputs section the GetAll_Output will auto Select From Flow (GetAll_Output).

To verify the flow works, select  Debug located in the action panel at the top of the Flow designer. 

The debugger runs and displays the results.  The user can view the results either in the Diagram tab or the Data tab.  Additionally, the events that occurred during the flow execution are listed on the left.

Close the debugger to return to the Flow Designer save the Flow and close the Flow Designer . At this point the Flow is now getting account data that can be displayed on a Report.

Create a Report

In the portal Create and Name the Report and select Create . Once in the Report Designer under Data Sources select Add. Expand theFlow Reports category and locate the Flow created earlier in the example, select the flow, this is now a Data Source for theReport.

Under Data Feild's select Add to add fields to the Report. The Report is now complete.  Save it and close the Report Designer .

In the Report designer select Run Report from the action panel located at the top of the Report designer.


The Report will run and display the information fields specified based on the data gathered in our source Flow.

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