Uploading CSS
  • 04 Jan 2023
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Uploading CSS

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Decisions Cannot Analyze Every CSS Framework!
While Decisions UI possesses its own HTML structure, incompatibility issues tend to occur with CSS frameworks that demand a specific HTML structure, such as Bootstrap. The majority of opinionated CSS frameworks are incompatible with Decisions UI; however, atomic CSS frameworks are easier to apply in Forms and Pages. In addition, CSS frameworks implementing CSS resets or styles to native HTML tabs may also affect the entire Decisions Portal, so please proceed with caution.

Users may upload their custom CSS documents for customization of elements in Decisions to easily fit the branding and image of any company or enterprise. 

CSS in Decisions is implemented by using a CSS document and manually mapping the custom-defined classes to each Form component or a CSS document with Decisions' predefined classes for automatic mapping to their respective Form components. To apply a custom CSS file, navigate to Properties > Style to view a checklist of recognized CSS files. Atomic or unopinionated CSS frameworks like Tailwind should apply smoothly to most Forms and Pages, depending on their components.

Decisions Support CSS 2.0 and CSS 3.0.

Uploading CSS in Decisions

The following example will demonstrate how to upload a CSS file in Decisions. 

  1. In the Designer Studio, navigate to System > Designers > CSS. Navigate and click on the ADD button.
  2.  In the Document window, enter a Title, describe what the CSS does in the Description, and either drag the file to the box or use the CHOOSE FILE action. Click ADD DOCUMENT.
    Once the CSS file is added, it will appear in the Form or Page Designer Properties under the Style section.

  3. Users can also view the CSS document by clicking on the CSS Viewer button on the header.

Applying custom CSS to Login Page

After uploading the Custom CSS to the Decisions. Right-click on the CSS document > Mark as Login Page CSS. This will automatically apply the CSS to the login Page.

Multiple CSS Documents can be Marked as Login Page CSS. These CSS documents can change different aspects of the login Page. If a document is newly marked as login Page CSS and conflicts with a previously marked login Page CSS document, the newly marked CSS document will take precedence.

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