Set Flow Output Data
  • 11 Feb 2022
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Set Flow Output Data

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Flow Output Data can be configured to pass data out of a Flow to be used in another Flow or an API call.


This example will demonstrate how to use Flow output data in another Flow. 

  1. From a Designer Project, click the CREATE FLOW and select Flow. Name the Flow and click CREATE.  
  2. Connect the Start step to the End step. 
  3. Select the End step and click SHOW EDITOR from the Properties panel under the DATA category.
  4. On the Data Definitions window, enter "Name" and "Email Address" in the NAME field and keep the TYPE as String [Text]. Constant map "Jacob" for Name and "" for Email Address as Input values by clicking the pencil icon. Close the Data Definitions window.
  5. From the Designer Project, create another Flow.  
  6. From the FAVORITE STEPS category of the Toolbox tab, attach a Run Sub Flow step to the Start step.
  7. On the Properties panel, click PICK OR CREATE FLOW. Select the previously created Flow and click PICK.  
    Selecting this Flow should add the pre-existing Flow as a Sub Flow with the same Output Data as previously configured. 

  8. Attach a Show Form step from FAVORITE STEPS to the Run Sub Flow step. 
  9. Navigate to the Show Form step's Properties tab and select PICK OR CREATE FORM, then select to create a new Form.
  10. Configure the Form to contain two Text Box components (Name, EmailAddress) and a Button (OK). Click Save and close the Form Designer.
  11. Connect the Show Form step to the End step. 
  12. From the Show Form step's Properties tab, map each respective Output from the Sub Flow to the Form step by clicking Unknown and selecting Select From Flow.


  1. On the top action bar, click Debug. Click START DEBUGGING.
  2. Right-click the Form step, select Execution 1, and select View the Input/Output Data. 
    The Input/Output Data shows that the output from the Sub Flow is being used as the input of the Form, and in turn, being output by the Form. 

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