Repository Revisions
  • Updated on 26 Oct 2018
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Repository Revisions

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Revisions are essentially fully functioning ‘copies’ of the project which allow us to utilise things like versioning, keeping backups of systems, creating development and testing environments (things like development & release cycles). Each revision allows us to take advantage of many other things alongside examples included above.
Every change to the Project creates a new Revision .
For each Revision we have the following options:

  • Get Modified Resources In Revision
  • Delete Repository Check-in
  • Get Project as of Revision
  • Rollback to this Revision
  • Show Changes
  • Add
  • Manage


Get Modified Resources In Revision
This option will allow us to download all the Elements that have been modified in a particular Revision. This will start a .zip file download that can then be imported or updated a project with to update a project with all the modifications.

Get Project As Of Revision
This option will begin a download of the entire project as it is in the selected Revision. The .zip file can then be imported into any Decisions Server if we would like to move/migrate the project or kept as back up.

Get Resources Updated After This Revision
This option will begin a download with all of the Elements that have been updated after the selected Revision. This is particularly useful in development environments as it allows us to keep track of any possible changes that may have been made that the current Revision isn’t aware of.

Rollback To This Revision
This option will Revert/restore the Project to a chosen Revision (version). This is particularly useful when using development & experimental environments where ability to restore to any state of the project at any time is crucial.

Show Changes
This option will pop open a dialogue which will show all of the recent changes that have been made to the project. These will display in a list showing who made what edits and when.

Add -> Tags
Under the Add option we have the ability to add Tags to our project. Tags are searchable phrases attached to project to allow better naming, description and project structure conventions.

Under the Manage dropdown we have 3 options.

Add Comment
This option allows us to add a comment to the project which can be viewed & managed by (usually) Project Managers moreover we can set up access any way we like.

Get Repository Checkin ID
This option will get us a unique Repository ID that is used when we want to interact with the Repository inside of Flows, Reports and Rules.

See Audit History
Lastly we have the option to see the Audit Trail of the Project. This will bring up a dialog which will show us a complete list of all of the audits that have been made to the Project since its creation/import.

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