Report Distribution
  • Updated on 27 Apr 2016
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Report Distribution

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This tutorial demonstrates how to use Report Distribution functionality. Report Distribution allows users to create and manage how Reports can be distributed (download, send over email, etc.).
In this example we are going to overview Report Distribution functionality and extend it by creating a simple Report Distribution type.
We begin with creating a simple Report for this tutorial. In the Designer Folder, we clickCreate Report/Page > Create Report on the Folder Actions Panel.



Then, we Name our report and click Ok to proceed to the Report Designer.

In the Report Designer, we add Data Source first. For this example we add Account Data Source from Data Sources > Common category.

Next, we add some fields to populate our Report . We added Account Id and Email Address fields.
This completes our Report design. We can save and close Report Designer.

Back in the Designer Folder we locate our Report and from its Action menu we click Run Report.

When the Report is displayed, we click Printer icon located in the upper right corner.

Download/Send Report window pops up. We can choose Report Distribution type here. By the default we should have two options: Download and Email Distribution Flow . Let’s select second option and click Process .


Send Email Form pops up. We can fill out this Form and click Send . This Flow will send an Email with Report attached as an Excel file.

We can extend Report Distribution options by creating a specific Flow . Navigate to System>Designers>Report Distribution Folder in the Portal . We can see Email Distribution Flow that we were using as Report Distribution type in previous steps of this tutorial.

Any Flow that is created in this Folder will be presented as Report Distribution type. Click Create Report Distribution Flow on Folder Actions Panel.

In the resulting window we Name the Flow and click Ok to proceed to the Flow Designer.

Then, in the Flow Designer we add Show Popup step from the Favorite Steps category.

Then, in the Message Input we are going to Select Value of ReportViewerContextID . This value is presented in every Report Distribution type Flow and can be useful to get and manipulate Report data.


Next, for the Subject Input to the step we are going to use a Constant value for the simplicity of this example.
inputs-report-viewer.jpg{height ="" width=""}
Finally, we connect Done outcome from the Show Popup step to the End Step in our Flow . This completes our Flow . We can save it and close Flow Designer.
13_Flow-Complete.png{height ="271" width="483"}

If we go back and run our Report again by clicking on the Printer icon, the Download/Send Report window gives us a new Distribution Option: Pop Up Notification (which is a Report Distribution Flow that we created in this tutorial). We select this option and click Proceed .

Our Report Distribution Flow pops up a Notification with Constant Subject and Report Viewer Context ID Value for this Report .

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