Process Mining Requirements
  • 04 May 2022
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Process Mining Requirements

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To accurately utilize all Process Mining features, users must prepare their data.

Process Data Requirements

Process data must track at least the following three data variables in their event log:

Data MemberDescriptionExample
Case IDA unique ID shared among the events within the same process, but distinguishes different process executions from one another; the "who" behind the executionAccountID, LoanID, Name, any other identifiable information
ActivitySteps within the process must share the same names, not necessarily sequence, between all executions.

This distinguishes between different events within the same execution; the "what" and "how" behind the execution
Inspect Damage, Obtaining Approval, Register Claim, any other workflows within a process such as Subflows with a parent Flow
TimestampRecords occurrence of each event within an execution occurs. This is necessary to chronologically order the events within an execution as well as compute durations between process steps.

While only the start timestamp is necessary, including an end timestamp allows computing of process step duration; the "when" behind the execution.
Date/time of occurrence

In addition to these required data members, the following optional, supplementary data variables to further define and refine your optimization:

  • Resource
  • Lifecycle
  • Case Attribute

Data Structure Requirements

Process Mining accepts both external data from other software such as Jira, Salesforce, and ServiceNow and internal data.

Process Mining requires its supported Data Structures to enable the Enable Process Mining setting located in the Data Structure creation dialog to access its features.

The following Data Structures support Process Miner features:

Need to transfer data from a different data structure into one that supports Process Mining?
Please refer to the Importing and Exporting Data From Data Structures article for a step-by-step explanation.

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