Multi-Tenancy: Setup
  • Updated on 01 Apr 2020
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Multi-Tenancy: Setup

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This article kicks off the Multi-Tenant setup by guiding the System Administrator to change the Server Type from Standard to Hosted in the Decisions Settings. Changing this setting will enable Multi-Tenant use in the environment and will designate the server as a Hosted server.

This is an advanced article and it is recommended that a System Administrator complete the following configurations. Misuse of these settings can lead to errors in the Decisions environment.


The first step to enabling Multi-Tenancy in the Decisions environment is changing the Server Type from Standard to Hosted. There are two ways to do this, which will be described below. 

Editing The Settings.XML File

Open File Explorer on the PC and navigate to C:\Program Files\Decisions\Decisions Services Manager, then open the Settings XML document in Notepad or a preferred text editor. 

Backup This File
Please make a copy of the Settings.XML file and move it to a secure location before modifying the file itself.

In the text editor, press Ctrl + F to bring up the Find window. Search for 'servertype' in this window to find the correct line. Click between <ServerType></ServerType> and delete Standard, then enter Hosted and save the changes to the file. Follow along with the GIF below to confirm the appropriate line is modified. 

Editing The Settings
Please use extra caution when changing the Decisions Settings to avoid errors in the Decisions environment.

Editing The Installer Settings

Open the PC File Explorer and locate the DecisionsInstaller application file, or use the search bar to find it, then launch the Installer. 

When the Decisions Installer window appears, select the Edit Settings button, then locate the ServerType setting. Click into the Standard box and delete it, then enter Hosted and click the Save button.

Restarting Service Host Manager

Now that the Decisions Settings have been changed to reflect a Hosted Server Type, Service Host Manager must be restarted. From the Start menu, search the PC for the Services application and launch it. Find Service Host Manager in the list and select it, then select Restart the service on the left. 

Save Work Before Restart
Restarting Service Host Manager will cause the Decisions environment to restart. Please save all work before proceeding. 

Log back into the Decisions environment and confirm that the Hosting folder now appears and that [Primary] appears next to the login account in the top right. If these changes have taken place, the Decisions environment is now enabled for Multi-Tenancy.

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