Multi-Tenant Active Directory Setup and Sync
  • 31 May 2022
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Multi-Tenant Active Directory Setup and Sync

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As of v.8.2, Multi-Tenancies now support the ability to integrate Active Directory, as well as its capability to manage domains, Accounts, objects, etc, within their environments.

By doing so, AD Syncs can be performed first on the Control Instance, and then its subsequent Tenants.


The Active Directory Module must be installed on both the Control and Tenant Instances


  1. After the Active Directory Module has been installed on both the Control and Tenant Instances, from the Control Instance, navigate to System > Settings, and open Active Directory Settings
  2. In the resulting window, under Servers, click ADD.

    Under PORTAL SETTINGS > Default Groups, click ADD NEW and select the desired Default Group; this selection designates which Group the synced Accounts will be added to. 
  3. Under SERVER SETTINGS, configure the settings as follows:

    Setting Configuration
    Domain NameProvide the Domain or IP Address for the AD Server. 
    Domain Login Prefix Provide the required Prefix upon user login. 
    Default Email DomainProvide the default Email Domain for the AD Server. 
    Elevated User Name Provide the User Name for an Account with AD access. 
    Elevated User Password Provide the respective password for the Elevated User Name. 

  4. Under SYNCHRONIZATION SETTINGS > Synchronization Option, select the one of the following Synchronization Options; in this example, Selected Groups.

    EntireDomainSyncs users from all Group(s).
    SelectedOrgUnitsSyncs users from the designated Organization Unit(s).
    SelectedGroupsSyncs users from the designated Group(s). 
  5. Under Select Groups, click ADD and select the desired Group, this designates which Groups are added in the AD Sync.

    Then, enable any desired additional SYNCHRONIZATION SETTINGS (see chart below), then click OK. Repeat steps 1-4 for each additional Tenant Instance.

    Setting Function
    Ignore Managers if not in GroupOmits Manager Accounts from the Sync if they are not included in one of the selected Groups within the Sync list.
    Sync Managers for UsersSyncs Manager Accounts that have been assigned to Users in each Group in the Sync, 
    Include Users Groups not in Group ListIncludes additional Groups in the Sync not in the included in the Select Groups list.

Multi-Tenant AD Sync Job 

  1. After installing the Active Directory Module on each Instance in a Multi-Tenancy and establishing proper AD Server Authentication on each one, from the Control Instance, navigate to System > Administration > Jobs and Events > Schedule Jobs.
  2. From the Global Action Bar, select NEW AD SYNC JOB.  
  3. From the New AD Sync Job window, configure the AD Sync Job by providing the desired Schedule Properties, Info, and Run And Failure settings. Then, click SAVE. 
  4. Right-click the new AD Sync Job, and select Run Job.

    After the Job runs successfully, repeat steps 1-4 as needed for each additional Tenant Instance

For more information regarding Multi-Tenancy, see Decisions Forum: Multi-Tenant.

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