Tree View Control
  • 12 Aug 2022
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Tree View Control

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The Tree View Form control displays a list of Strings as an expandable tree structure of hierarchical data. The Tree View control then outputs the end-user's selected item.

Common use can involve an inventory management system organized by storage location. Selecting a location expands it to view the stored categories of items that may also be expanded to view the specific items of that category in storage.


  1. In a Designer Folder, create a new Flow. It will automatically open in the Flow Designer.
  2. In the Flow Designer, add a Show Form step after the Start step. Select PICK OR CREATE FORM in its Properties to create a new Form. It will automatically open in the Form Designer.
  3. In the Toolbox panel, expand the Data category to drag and drop the Tree View control onto the Form.
  4. With the Tree View selected, navigate to the Properties pane and enable the Static Input Checkbox. Add tree nodes with a forward slash (/) as the separator between the parent and child node in the new Tree Nodes setting. A Default Item may be designated by selecting an item from the drop-down list under the Default Item section.
  5.  Save and exit the Form Designer.
  6. Connect the Show Form step to the End step. Save the Flow.


  1. In the Flow Designer, select Debug in the top action panel. Select START DEBUGGING.
  2. The Form displays the tree view, and each parent node can be expanded to show the child nodes. Select a child node and select Submit. The selection will be available to use throughout the Flow.

For further information on Forms, visit the Decisions Forum.

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