User Controls
  • 24 Jun 2022
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User Controls

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User Controls are sets of controls that can be quickly added into a Form.

Compared to Form Templates that alter a Form's format, think of User Controls as a reusable template of configured controls. Controls added via User Controls can be subjected to Flow and/or Form logic like Active Forms Flows similar to other controls.

Changes made to a User Control automatically updates all Forms using that User Control. Multiple User Controls can be added to a single Form; there is no limit.

An example use case may involve creating a User Control for collecting personal information such as a Textbox for Name, Masked Textboxes for Email and Phone Number, and a Number Spinner for Age. Any future Forms needing to gather this information may instead drag the single User Control containing all of these features thus speeding up design time.

Creating a User Control

  1. In a Designer Project, click CREATE FORM at the top action bar then select CREATE.
  2. In the Create Form window, click User Control, then select and name the User Defined Control. It will automatically open in the Form Designer.

  3. In the Form Designer, drag any Form controls onto the Form. This example uses a Textbox and a Checkbox with Labels for both. Save and close the Form Designer.

  4. Back in the Designer Folder, create a Form.
  5. In the Form Designer, expand USER CONTROLS > [Existing User Controls] > [Current Folder]. Drag the recently created User Control control into the Form. Add a Button [Submit], then save and close the Form

    Notice the inputs of the User Control populates the Properties > Data section. Enter Data Names for the User Control's values here. If the user wishes to edit the User Control, they may select the EDIT SOURCE button.

  6. Back in the Designer Folder, right-click the Form that contains the User Control, then click 'Run Form'. The User Control can be interacted with similar to any other control normally added via the Textbox.

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