Editing Data Grid Items with the Property Grid
  • 07 Nov 2022
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Editing Data Grid Items with the Property Grid

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Objects within a Data Grid can be edited either with a Property Grid or inline.


In this example, a Form pulls a list of accounts from the Decisions Portal and displays them within a Data Grid. The user will be able to edit the selected item's data and add/remove data items.  

  1. In the Designer Project, create a new Flow. It will automatically open in the Flow Designer.
  2. After the start step, navigate to Toolbox >  Integration > Internal Services > AccountService and add the GetAll step. Connect the start step to it.
  3. After the GetAll step, add a Show Form step in the Toolbox's favorites. Connect the GetAll step to it.
  4. With the Show Form step selected, click PICK OR CREATE FORM to create a new Form. It will automatically open in the Form Designer.

  5. Add a Data Grid control with the Data Name 'DisplayProducts' and a Button named 'OK'. Then, add a Data Grid Add Button and a  Data Grid Remove Button from DATA > DATA GRID in the Toolbox panel.

  6. Select the Data Grid. In the Properties panel, click the Type drop-down list under INPUT DATA. Enter "account" in the text box and select Account [DecisionsFramework.].
  7. Under the OUTPUT DATA category, select the Grid Mode drop-down box. Choose PropertyGridEdit and enter "Edited Data" in the Data Name field. Uncheck the OK checkbox under OUTCOME SCENARIOS, and set OK to Optional.

  8. Under the INPUT DATA category, select the drop-down list under Add Button and select DynamicDataGridAddButton. Then, select the Remove Button drop-down list under Remove Button and select DynamicDataGridRemoveButton.

  9. Click Save and close the Form Designer.
  10. With the Form selected, navigate to the Display Products Input, change its input mapping to Select From Flow, and select the Get All_ Output so the Data Grid will display the all the accounts the GetAll step gathers.

  11. Connect the OK path to the End step.


  1. Click Debug on the top action panel. Then, click START DEBUGGING. 
  2. Click on a desired Data Grid item and click Edit from the action menu to edit it. The user may also add/remove an item with its respective button.

For further information on Forms, visit the Decisions Forum.

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