Designer Studio Settings
  • 11 Mar 2024
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Designer Studio Settings

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The Studio is the back-end interface of the product that is utilized by users to develop Designer Projects. 

The Designer Studio Settings is a category under System > Settings that can adjust Designer Studio features and their configurations.

All available Designer Studio settings, their default values, and their functions are listed in the table below.

Setting LocationSetting NameDefault ValueDescription
All DesignersEnable Bulk Name Change ActionFalseToggles appearance of the Rename Data Type in Folder Designer Project action.
Hide Modifications Comments in HistoryTrueToggles appearance of details such as user name, datetime, etc. in a Designer Element's history upon save.
Require Comment on SaveFalseToggles requiring a comment upon saving a Designer Element.
Submit Step Help RequestsTrueToggles submitting step help requests via API calls to Decisions upon opening an empty step help information window.
Maximum Items in Lookup Lists250Prompts for item limit shown in Lookup Lists in the Flow Designer.
Disable Filtering For AdministratorsFalseToggles if visibility rules apply to Administrator accounts.
Automatically Add Entities to Parent Folder's ModuleTrueToggles automatically attaching a created items to its parent Folder's module. 
Show Warning If Item Is Related To More Than X Other Rules and Flows3Prompts for minimum number of dependencies needed to trigger a warning about dependencies once the item updates.
ArchiveArchive Old Versions On SaveTrueToggles storing a backup of an item upon save. Backups are found in the item's History Folder.
Ignore Versions Less Than Age15 minutesPrompts for a time limit that prevents backup creation if a new save occurs too recently from its most recent save.

This is used to maintain meaningful backups by preventing duplicates. 
Designer ProjectShow Default Folder View PageTrueToggles the default view of a Designer Project.

When set to False, the List view is shown by default.
Default Page TypeDesigner Project ViewAllow selection of which Page of the Designer Folder loads by default once selected.

Designer Folder View--Designer Projects load the List Page by default.

Designer Project View--Designer Projects load the Folder View by default.
Designer SettingsDefault [Designer Element] TemplateVariousAllows selection of the default template for each respective Designer Element.
Check for newer versions in RepositoryTrueToggles if the Repository checks their entities for newer versions.

Only useful if the instance is a Repository.
Entity PickersShow Parent FolderTrueToggles appearance of [Parent Folders] in the Flow Designer Toolbox found under Designer Entities > Forms [Interaction].
Show Root FolderTrueToggles appearance of [Root Folder] in the Flow Designer Toolbox under Designer Entities > Forms [Interaction].
Show Current FolderTrueToggles appearance of [Current Folder] in the Flow Designer Toolbox under Designer Entities > Forms [Interaction].
Export History Folder ContentsExport History FolderFalseToggles including the History folder when exporting a project.
Export CommentsFalseToggles including comments from the History folder when exporting a project.
Export DocumentsFalseToggles including documents from the History folder when exporting a project.
Export BackupsFalseToggles including backups from the History folder when exporting a project.
Export AssignmentsFalseToggles including assignments from the History folder when exporting a project.
Export Unit TestsTrueToggles including unit tests from the History folder when exporting a project.
Flow Debug DefaultRemember to the Recent ListTrueToggles saving input data entered when debugging a flow as sample data.

Once saved, this sample data is visible in the Side Panel of the Flow Designer.
Flow DesignerClear Flow Data On ExceptionFalseToggles clearing Flow data once an exception occurs.

When set to True, a Flow needs to set its Clear Policy On Exception setting in the Flow Designer to either YES or Use Default to function.

HTML Designer
Link TypeCorneredAllows selection of the default link's appearance in the Flow Designer.
Step ShapeDarkIconAllows selection of the default step's shape in the Flow Designer.
Jump LinesTrueToggles whether connected lines in the Flow Designer jump over each other.
Avoid NodesTrueToggles avoiding other nodes in the Flow Designer while connecting two nodes. 
Form Validations------

Validation StyleValidation OutlineSurroundAllows selection of the default validation outline on a Form.
Validation DisplayIconAndTextAllows selection of the default validation display type on a Form.

BreakBackground and Border ColorblankAllows selection of the background and border colors for fatal aka break validations on a Form.

WarningBackground and Border ColorblankAllows selection of the background and border colors for warning validations on a Form.

No IssueDisplay No Issue ValidationFalseToggles configuring default settings for no validations i.e. when removing a validation error from the Form. 
GridCan Add ColumnsFalseToggles ability to add columns to a Report at runtime.
Show Group Field NameNot On Single GroupingAllows selection of when group names are shown on Reports.

Not On Single Grouping--Reports display group names if the Report does not use single grouping.

Never--Reports will never display group names.

Always--Reports may always display group names.
Icon TypeCircleAllows selection of the default icon for Reports.
Row Left/Right Click Action TypeShow Slider/Show ActionsAllow selection of default left click/right click action type for Reports.

Show Slider--Clicking expands the Slider menu to display the item's details, actions, properties, and tags.

Show Actions--Clicking expands the Action menu for the items in the Report.

Default Action--Clicking activates the default assigned action.

No Actions--Clicking does not activate any actions; nothing happens. 
Selected Rows StyleLeft Side IndicatorAllows selection of the default appearance of a selected row in Reports. 
Enable Row NumberingTrueToggles enumerating rows in Reports.
Enable GroupingTrueToggles grouping columns in Reports.
Enable SortingTrueToggles sorting columns in Reports.
Enable Grid Stretch ModeFalseToggles ability to enter Grid Stretch Mode in Reports.
Report Row NumberingReset on Every Page on ReportAllows selection of how rows are numbered during pagination.

Reset on Every Page of Report--Row numbers are contained within their Report page.

Continue Numbers on Report--Row numbers persist between Report pages.
Show Selected Row IndicatorFalseToggles appearance of row indicator in Reports.
ImportingApprove ImportingTrueToggles creating import assignments once an import error occurs.

When both this setting and the Assign Task When Importing Missing Folder Structure in the Portal Settings are set to True, then the import assignments are sent to the groups specified in the Approve Import By Group setting.

When this setting is set to False while the other is set to True, then the import assignments are sent to the Administrators group.
Approve Import By GroupblankAllow selection of which groups receive import assignments when the Approve Importing setting is True.
Inline Page DesignerRestrict Inline Page EditingFalseToggles restricting inline page editing.

When True, only groups specified in the  Restrict To Groups can perform this.
Integration with DatabaseGroups Can Create ConnectionDesigners, AdministratorsAllows selection of which user groups can create a connection string.
Groups Can See Connection StringDesigners, AdministratorsAllows selection of which user groups can see any connection strings.
OwnerSet Creator as OwnerTrueToggles if the creator of an entity is automatically set as its owner. Owners receive notifications whenever their owned entities are ran, edited, or deleted.
Notify Owner on ChangesTrueToggles if owners receive notifications when any changes occur to their entities.
Query EditorAllow Designers to Use Query EditorFalseToggles whether an account in the default  Designer group can access the Query Editor. 
Report DesignersIn-Memory Data PaginationFalseToggles loading Report Data in memory.

When set to True, set a Report's Use Paging setting to True and In-Memory Data Pagination to Default in the Report Designer settings.
Report ViewerAllow Edit Report Button in HeaderTrueToggles displaying the Edit button under the Configuration dialog of Report Viewer.
Rule DesignerList Rule Constant Values Over10Prompts for a total of passed items that, if exceeded, a Statement Rule will not display its value. Instead, it will display "[#] items. View Mapping for values".
Show Case Sensitive Indicator in Rule TextFalseToggles checking case sensitivity in the Statement Rule Designer.
Run Unit TestsEmail Addresses to Notify on Broken TestsblankPrompts for an email address that the server will notify once a broken unit test occurs.
Run Unit Tests after Designer SavedFalseToggles automatically running associated unit tests after saving in a Visual Designer. Users can also input email addresses to be automatically notified on broken tests.

All Unit Tests ExecutionDailyFalseToggles running all unit tests daily at a specified hour to routinely test all process functionality.
After ImportFalseToggles running all unit tests after importing a project to ensure the imported project executes correctly in the new environment.
Flow to Run after All Unit Tests ExecutionAfter Unit Test Execution CompletedAllows selection of a Flow to run after all unit test executions finish.
State ColorsDefault 1-16VariousAllows selection of default colors for states seen in the Set State step and in a Process Folder's timeline.
Studio SettingsStudio SloganDecisions StudioPrompts for title of Studio.
Studio WebPage TitleDecisions StudioPrompts for the webpage title of Studio displayed on the browser tab.
Studio LogoblankPrompts for the logo of the Studio.
System FolderStudio OnlyAllows selection of which user interfaces can display the System folder.

Studio Only--The System Folder can only appear in the Studio.

Studio and User Portal--The System Folder can appear in both the Studio and Portal.
Export ActionsStudio OnlyAllows selection of which user interfaces show the Export action.
Audit ActionsStudio OnlyAllows selection of which user interfaces show the See Audit History action under the Manage category for an Entity.
Get ID ActionsStudio OnlyAllows selection of which user interfaces to show the Get ID action for an Entity.
Integration ActionsStudio OnlyAllows selection of which user interfaces to show the Integration action for an Entity.

Project Documentation TemplateblankPrompts for adding a custom NVelocity Template into the instance.

This template can be used in steps like Generate Report For Module Name to generate a ProjectReport.html that displays entity data.
Hide My Apps Folder In StudioFalseToggles visibility of the My Apps folder.
User Defined TypeAdd Member CategoryEntity [User Defined]Prompts for a new name for the action of adding data into an Entity. This action then exists under the All > Add folder action category.

For further information on Settings, visit the Decisions Forum.

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