Deploying Containers on GCP
  • 26 Jul 2022
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Deploying Containers on GCP

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Article Summary

Two or more containers cannot be started at the same time.
For containers running on a new database, start only one first so it may set up the database, After that, start other containers one at a time.


This article will cover the steps needed to deploy a Decisions container onto Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Deploying a container on GCP

  1. Login to the GCP portal.
  2. Search for compute engine in the Google Cloud console. 
  3. Once the Compute Engine page is brought up, select Create Instance
  4. In the container section, select Deploy Container.
  5. Specify the container image. It is recommended that decisionscore/platform:latest is used, as this will pull the most recently updated version of the container.
  6. Under the Environment Variables section, define both the required and any optional variables for the container. 
  7. Add a volume by selecting the volume type. The mount paths should be the following:

    /filestorage or as defined in the DECISIONS_FILESTORAGELOCALTION environment variable
    /Logs - used for logging the container.
  8. Once finished, click Create to create the container.

For further information on Installation, visit the Decisions Forum.

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