Data Extensions
  • Updated on 05 Mar 2019
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Data Extensions

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Data Extensions are used to add Fields to a Data Structure . The Fields are defined on the Output and automatically added to the database or data structure specified in the Data Extension flow . The Data Extension allows the designer to make other calculations without running a flow every time and without having to save the specific field in the database.


Start in the designer folders and navigate to System>Designers>Lookup Lists and Constants. Here, an action called "Add Data Extension" should be available.

Create a Data Extension. 

Under Input select Show Editor in the Properties Tab on the right and add the Flow Input Data to define the Data Definitions.

In this example the data definition Name used is Accounts . Select close to save. 

Next, navigate to theSteps Tab and locate a Create Data Step . UnderFavorites >Create Data and drag and drop on the flow designer.  Select Show Editor and add the Data for the Create Data Step.

Add aData Name and choose theType . In this example, the data name is Full Name and the Type is a String. Choose Merge Plain Text and then select Show Editor. then Close to save.

In the Merge Plain Text Editor add the Feilds that you wish to merge. In this example merge (Accounts. FirstName) and (Accounts.LastName).

The new Data Name will display in theShow Editor text box in the Properties Tab on the right.

Create a Flow

Now create a Flow that will fetch the new field names after they have been merged using theText Merge Editor. Start by navigating to the designer Folders and create aNew Flow. Locate a Fetch Entities Step, Integration>EntityFramework> FetchEntities Step.


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