Creating Help Text Messages for Form Fields
  • Updated on 09 May 2013
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Creating Help Text Messages for Form Fields

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Help Text Messages provide additional instructions for using a form control. They appear when the user's cursor hovers over the form control.


To create a Help Text Message go to System > System Data > Help. Click on All> Add Help Key.

Type in a Key. This key will be the name of your Help Message.

You will see that our key resides in the list of Help Entries.

Right click this entry and select Set Help Text.

Type in text that will be displayed as the Help Text.
Now our help text key has text associated with it.

Our example will display a Help Text Message , on a component, in an example form. For the purpose of this tutorial, create a Form that looks like the one below. The name of this form is Demonstrate Help Message Form . The main components are a Text Box and an Action button. We will take a look at the configured properties of each step later on in this article.

Navigate to a Designer Project folder and click on the Demonstrate Help Message Form to edit.

Properties of the Text Box.


Properties of the Action button.


Go back to the properties of the Text Box. We are going to add our Help Text Message to this form field. Go to Help > and check the box Pick Help Message Key. In the drop down list you will see that the Help Message Key we created is in the list of items that we can use. Select it and close the Form Designer.

To view the message on the form we have to create a Flow. In the Designer Folder that has our Form , select Create Flow. Name the flow and click OK. In the Flow Designer , add the form that we created previously, connect the start and end steps, and clear validation warnings.

Click the Debug Flow link.
When we hover over the text box in the Debugger , we can see our Help Text Message appear.

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