Copy-able Label
  • Updated on 25 Aug 2017
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Copy-able Label

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This tutorial demonstrates how to make a Copy-able Label control on the Form . By default Label controls on the Form cannot be copied when Form is running. In some cases Form needs to be designed for users to be able to copy text displayed on the Label . This Label setting was implemented in Decisions 4.0.
In this example we are going to create a simple Form with two Label controls. One will be default and another will be set as copy-able.
We begin in theDesigner Folder with clicking Create Form > Create Form action on Folder Actions Panel.

Then, we Name the Form and click Ok to proceed to the Form Designer.

In the Form Designer we add first Label to the work-space.

Next, we add a second Label to our Form .

On the right-hand side we locate settings panel for our Label control. We expand Behavior section and check Is Copyable check-box.

In the Form Designer we locate Preview option on the top panel and click it.

Form preview runs and we can see that we cannot select text displayed on the first Label . Text on the second Label is select-able. If we select text on a second Label and clickCtrl + C , it will be copied and can be pasted where needed using Ctrl + P .

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